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We know that digital transformation is imperative in every industry and can offer different engagement models depending on a client’s needs. Under the pressure of new entrants and advanced competitors, mid-market and large companies are facing a dilemma: transform or die. Although many companies have taken important steps to start their digital journey, most struggle to achieve significant change quickly across their organizations.

Your company may have already defined a digital vision and roadmap, run end-to-end pilots that demonstrate the value of digital efforts, and initiated a plan for deploying new digital approaches. But more is needed to bring these efforts to fruition.


Are you struggling to achieve digital change at scale, at scope, and at speed?

Fixed-Price Contract Model

Our project-based engagement model is similar to a time-and-material model, except clients are billed based on fixed, predefined milestones, not on external dependencies such as the time and resources needed to complete a project. This model also has straightforward timelines and a unique approach to statement of work updates (with budget approval), making it ideal for one-off projects where the scope is defined internally.

You also gain:

Reasonably stable requirements right at the start.

Clearly defined deliverables, costs, and timelines. Separate estimates for changes to scope.

A good way to test the “outsourcing” waters.

Dedicated Development Teams

This model is ideal for companies that need to quickly enhance their development capabilities with highly qualified and skilled teams of IT professionals, including developers, designers, UI/UX specialists, business analysts, project managers, testers, and more. In this type of model, the client usually controls the extended team, as the goal is to provide a remote group of dedicated team members. This outsourcing collaboration model can be useful to any company and includes three options in pricing: per resource, per management fee, and per hourly rate. This model is an excellent fit for long-term support, maintenance, and progressive workloads of flexible, easily scalable software projects.


Shared Services Model

With this model, teams and resources are shared across clients, with resources being charged for hourly, based on usage. This ensures optimal utilization of resources and reduces the burden of costs related to those resources for the organizations sharing them. As such, this model is ideal for technical operations that require multiple tools and skill sets but might not need to use each one all the time. 


Offshore Development Center Model

This is the global alternative to the dedicated development teams of resources model. In this model, enterprises don’t usually have an internal IT department and use dedicated development centers to outsource the entire IT process. Clients are billed based on a cost-per-resource fee or a management fee.

Modern companies sometimes opt to use a hybrid model to balance technologies and shifting needs. Combinations of models are helpful to gain a specific value from each model, but it is important to understand the project type and scope to fully assess how each model will function. In the following section, we talk about the multiple pros and cons of software outsourcing.



For clients seeking a captive center in India, Amzur builds and operates dedicated teams by helping you build facilities and set up a legal entity. Once you are ready to assume control, the transfer takes place smoothly based on agreed-upon trigger conditions.

Clients get a fully functional entity from the start

First, Amzur helps your company learn how to navigate the digital space. Then you can take control of your own direction. This approach will help you:

  • Enhance business operations.
  • Follow clear goals in a digitally disrupted environment.
  • Acquire digital skills despite talent shortages.
  • Simplify your decision-making processes and focus on value.
  • Accelerate your time-to-market in delivering apps.
  • Leverage rigid IT systems.
  • Engage employees in the field via companywide digital adoption.

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    What is the single most important factor that defines the eventual outcome of any business venture? The people involved in the project, of course. Hiring the right people to perform fundamental tasks could be the difference between a successful execution and a costly rethink! 

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