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Strategic workforce solutions


Employ only the skill sets that you need, and only when you need them. On-demand staffing provides business flexibility and is more cost and time efficient than traditional IT models. This means no more delays to your project due to talent shortages or lengthy hiring processes, and no more paying for talent when it’s not required. When you align Amzur’s flexible and scalable on-demand talent pool with your IT requirements, you can:

Scale your team up or down without affecting productivity and culture

Let experts handle the costly screening, interviewing, and hiring process

Retain the ability to keep or terminate on-demand employees based on performance

Avoid overhead costs associated with full-time employment such as benefits, insurance, and taxes

Feel confident about compliance with state and federal employment laws and regulations

Hire from a pre-screened talent pool of experts with technical, strategic, quality assurance, and security IT skills


Trusted IT partnership for every stage of your digital transformation. We position clients for success with complete IT staffing services and provide the right talent for on-demand, short-term, and long-term requirements. Our goal is to support your success in your digital transformation journey.

With proven delivery and execution models, we have successfully delivered to a diverse range of clientele — from well-known global brands to mid-market businesses and startups. Join them in experiencing what makes Amzur unique among IT providers.


Enable business growth and get a step ahead of the competition with flexible, cost-efficient, and on-demand tech talent.


Take back your time and budget by hiring the IT services you need, and only when you need them.

Skill up

Access skill sets such as quality assurance and testing; software and application development; web, mobile, and automation tech; and more.


Stay in compliance with state and federal employment laws and regulations regarding employment practices.

What we do

Amzur’s mission is one of mutual success. We deliver holistic talent strategies, customer-centric consulting services, and digital transformation services for our clients. Whether your company is upgrading your systems, adding personnel bandwidth for special projects, or backfilling critical IT roles, we can help with:

Get started

Hire temporary and contract staffers for interim assignments or long-term contracts while letting Amzur handle all hiring, payroll, tax, recordkeeping, liability, benefit, and insurance requirements.

Test out an employee before committing to extending a direct offer. The employee remains on Amzur’s payroll with no risk to you and you are only billed once a candidate is hired and employed beyond our guarantee period.

Hire long-term staff when contractors can no longer support your growth. Try an employee at your location with a transparent temporary-to-permanent contract or lock down their skills long term with direct and permanent placement.

Case studies

Optimized P&C operations with Sapiens Stingray and dedicated team

Optimized P&C operations with Sapiens Stingray and dedicated team

Deployed a team of technology experts to migrate the existing application to the AWS private cloud and automated billing & invoice management, and reduced the development & testing time from two days to two hours.

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