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About us

About Amzur

Bringing People, Processes, Technology, and Culture Together

Amzur Technologies, a trailblazer in digital and technological transformation, is committed to bridging the gap between intricate technological advancements and their practical business applications. As an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and SOC 2 Type II certified, and HIPAA-compliant company, we are at the forefront of empowering businesses across various sectors. Our core mission is to enhance the productivity, efficiency, and competitive edge of our clients in the dynamic digital landscape. By harnessing innovative IT solutions and sourcing elite global talent, Amzur democratizes access to state-of-the-art technologies, enabling businesses of all sizes to leverage digital innovation for sustained growth and success.



Rani Nemani

Amzur’s Mission is one of Mutual Success

Amzur was launched by Rani Nemani who combined her approachable personality and positive outlook with technology in Tampa, FL. In addition to her ambition to transform the industry, she was committed to building a company that was accountable to its employees, providing an environment that was driven by mutual growth internally and externally. She promoted an inspiring workplace, and also gave back to the local community.


The genesis of ‘Amzur’

An amzur (pronounced “Am-zhur,”) is an intuitive person who often relies on intuition for decision-making.

It also has a sound similar to Amjuru, a place that has roots of several key people in our company.

Our founder, Rani Nemani named the company as a tribute to Amjuru, the warm hearted people who live there, and most of all the common thread that binds our leadership team – the guiding intuition that we believe in, live by, and bring to the workplace. At Amzur we are all encouraged to listen to our intuition when we ask ourselves – ‘what’s best for my customer and how I make them successful!’

It is this intuition that has brought success to our customers and growth to our company.


The quality of our services we provide has been recognized not just in the USA but also in Europe.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Volunteers in the Local Community

Amzur works extensively with local communities to improve digital infrastructure at schools by not only donating computer hardware but also implementing and running technical workshops and awareness campaigns. 
Amzur employees can often be seen in coastal clean-up events, participating in tree plantation initiatives, and volunteering for supporting homeless pets, children in need, and seniors.

Partnering with nonprofits

In Tampa, Amzur actively collaborates with organizations such as the United Way to conduct various activities for strengthening people’s skills for financial stability, technology adoption, children’s rights, and education for all.