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 Amzur’s mission is one of mutual success. As a trusted IT partner at every stage in the digital transformation lifecycle, we deliver holistic talent strategy, customer-centric consulting services, and a logical path forward for our clients. Based in Tampa, Florida, with a workforce of 300 across two continents, Amzur offers technology services ranging from distributed energy resource (DER) consultation to NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation at a size and scale that provide optimal flexibility. Our expertise also spans robotic process automation, the Internet of Things, IT staffing, product engineering services, and so much more.


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Rani Nemani

Rani Nemani

Founder & President

“Amzur’s Mission is one of Mutual Success.”

Amzur was launched by Rani Nemani who combined her approachable personality and positive outlook with technology in Tampa, FL. In addition to her ambition to transform the industry, she was committed to building a company that was accountable to its employees, providing an environment that was driven by mutual growth internally and externally. She promoted an inspiring workplace, and also gave back to the local community. This is central to our client relationships and growth to this date.

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Where Does the Name Amzur Come From?

An amzur, pronounced “Am-zhur,” is an intuitive person who often relies on intuition for decision-making. It also sounds like Amjuru, which is the village where a few of our executives and founders came from. Our founder really wanted to name the startup something she felt attached to, so Amzur was born.

Who Are the Amzurians?

The Amzurians came forth as a team of diverse engineers, developers, and creative souls dedicated to community and technology. At our core, we are on the forefront of supporting a positive culture, setting up fun lunches, events, and programs. Our team leaders drive education and support their teams by holding regular town-hall meetings and other get-togethers. Amzur makes sure that there is always an upcoming event so the entire team has something to look forward to, and works well together. From engaging in community events to exercising together, the Amzurians are known for their passion, for loyalty, humility, and teamwork. When you talk to an Amzurian, you will get a sense that no one leaves until the work gets done. Amzurians prioritize well-being and mental health as a part of their career path, as a result, everyone at Amzur looks out for each other.






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Why Choose Us

Our Mission

Create mutual success by being a trusted partner to our clients, associates, and the communities we serve.

Our Vision

To be a globally respected and socially responsible technology company that makes a qualitative and measurable difference in the way people work, live and play.

Our Skills

Excellence in Service

Customized Solutions

Customer Centric Consulting

Specializing In Your Industry

Industry Experts

Dedicated Associates

Our Culture and Core Values

Respecting one another is part of our DNA. We are here because of years of collaboration with our customers, employees, and partners. We believe accountability is a personal investment in ownership from all of us. We invest in all of our associates with proper training and enhancement programs that will help us all to speak up, communicate, take ownership and execute to the best of our ability. We believe in innovation. We are known to invest in research, new products, and technologies. We are all about change and adoption.

Our Core Values embody who we are as a company, guide our decisions and inspire us. For most of us, integrity is a core component of our being. Doing what’s right, every time, no matter what is easy at work because we are like that in our personal lives. Success is built on partnership and collaboration everywhere. At Amzur, we create an environment where every employee is empowered to contribute and is recognized for their effort.

Eating Lunch Together

You’ll see people hard at work while jamming to their favorite playlists and brainstorming in meeting rooms. Everyone’s voice matters at Amzur, so the company founders and executives can be found coding and collaborating alongside the team on the open floor at all locations. Our teams tend to eat, go on breaks, celebrate successes, and innovate together.

Professional Development

Amzur is known to promote from within. Our holistic strategy is applied at the heart of each associate’s professional development, and we offer development opportunities like the ability to attend job-related conferences, take coursework and certification programs, and run seminars.

Team-Owned Deliverables

Each team is responsible for their part of the company. We take pride in what we do and what we create. We are humble, agile, and open to feedback, allowing us to optimize our approaches and processes.

Open Door Policy

Our team improves via constructive, continuous feedback. We look for employees who are open and honest with their team.

Intra-company Committees

We have several intra-company committees. 

core values innovation


core values integrity


core values colloboration


core values accountability


Our Journey



The quality of the software engineering and energy services we provide has been recognized not just in the USA but also in Europe.

Interested in our latest chapter?

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Volunteers in the Local Community

We work with local communities to improve digital infrastructure at schools by not only donating computer hardware but also implementing and running technical workshops and awareness campaigns. Both in Vizag and in Tampa Bay, we often join coastal clean-up events, participate in tree plantation initiatives, and volunteer with homeless pets, children in need, and seniors. 

Partners with Nonprofits

In Tampa, we collaborate with and volunteer for organizations such as the United Way to conduct various activities that strengthen financial stability, technology assistance, children’s rights, and education.

Are you ready for Amzur to be your agile partner in digital transformation?

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