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Innovating Order Management: Ambika’s Mobile App Revolution

Services Offered: Application development

Industry: Retail


Ambika Global Foods and Beverages (AGF), established in 1998, is one of the largest importers of Indian food products in Japan. Ambika imports Indian food products to Southeast Asia, the U.S., and European countries, while its sister company Ambika Trading Company is based in Japan. AGF boasts more than 500 Indian food products, all of which are high-quality, vegetarian, and eco-friendly products. Previously, AGF was taking all orders through phone, fax, and email.

The Challenge

With numerous customers in contact with AGF, manually responding to faxes and emails was neither time nor resource efficient. This created a challenge for Ambika, as they were not able to effectively receive customers’ orders without direct communication.

AGF saw an opportunity to take a step forward as a company and seek a mobile application with the ability to facilitate communication between AGF and their customers. Additionally, they wanted an app with the ability to receive requests directly from wholesalers and connect to NetSuite, their enterprise resource planning platform. With this new tool, AGF would be able to communicate more effectively with existing customers and attract new customers as well.

The Solution

With our expertise in NetSuite and mobile app development, Amzur was able to provide AGF with a solution. Amzur’s experienced team implemented a creative design to structure the mobile app in ways that could help AGF. The app provides direct communication between the customer and AGF and makes the process of using AGF’s services easier for the customers.

The app presents a self-serve solution that allows customers to bypass the process of contacting operators and/or customer support. The app further made real-time information available for customers, reducing the time it normally takes for customers to place orders. The Amzur- developed app serves the requirements initially proposed by AGF, which allows customers to order products more efficiently and with ease.

Results / Benefits

With Amzur’s assistance, AGF was able to reduce the time it took to process each incoming order and cut the overall operational costs of the process. The app designed by Amzur was effective in multiple ways, such as:

Making it easier for customers to place new or recurring orders.

Helping build a better relationship between AGF and their customers.

Enabling new and existing customers to directly access AGF’s social media pages.

Receiving feedback directly from customers.

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