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Identifying Risks, Fast

Are you looking to launch a new digital channel offering a highly configurable product and paperless management?


Data Growth & Security

Do you need a document capture software that connects directly with your DMS to streamline insurance paperwork processes and enhance documentation security?


Missed Opportunities

Do you want fully digitized processes for policy subscription, underwriting, and management?

We can help with that!

Combining fully digital and customizable insurance policies with a great customer experience is no longer optional. Amzur Professional Services use their extensive experience to provide technical expertise across an array of technologies, including cloud engineering, artificial intelligence, app development, modernization, and automation.

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Custom Insurance Software Development

The ability to handle data quickly and accurately is a matter of survival, and many insurers still struggle to execute high volumes of repetitive business processes. If you are looking for a groundbreaking approach to insurance that removes the traditional barriers that annoy customers—such as rigid products, complicated procedures for changes and termination, unfamiliar language, and a poor customer experience—Amzur’s software team is the right choice for your custom software project.

Reduce Human Error

Custom Web Application Development

Traditionally cautious, heavily regulated, and submerged in back-office processes—today’s insurance companies are facing a radical shift in the advent of digital. If you are looking to launch a new digital channel offering a highly configurable product and paperless management, we have solutions for you. 

Return Faster Claims Processes


We integrate extensions and make modifications to your existing off-the-shelf insurance software solutions to provide a custom-tailored approach. We integrate your existing insurance management software with policy and claims, quoting, documentation, commissions, and risk management solutions. Our insurance software development ensures success-driven automation to help insurance companies drive momentum and elevate productivity across sales, marketing, and service teams.

Achieve Cost Reduction

P&C Insurance Client

Optimized P&C operations with Sapiens Stingray and moved our property & casualty insurance client into the future with Dedicated IT Talent

CG Square

Extending netsuite with itpm: Integrated trade promotion management

Saving costs on inventory management and Improving customer engagement using netsuite

Mobile Insurance Application Solutions

Our suite of tech platforms enables us to deliver actionable results faster than larger firms. Partnering with Amzur gives you the experience and knowledge of Fortune 500 developers with the personal touch and commitment of a small firm. Sky’s the limit when it comes to mobile applications.

We not only have cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps with insurance claim submission modules and client self-service portals. We could add any functionality to any type of mobile insurance apps that could lead to a future-ready environment.


Migrating Your Data Warehouse to Cloud

If you are looking for cost reduction, integration with Sapiens’ software solutions can help organizations easily discover which processes can and should be automated. Automation can also be helpful for one-off connections between systems for data migration, one-time reporting, and focused campaigns.

Business Benefits

  • Cost reduction through automation of manual processes.
  • Faster processing of claims and new customer applications.
  • Reduction of human error.
  • Identifying actual processes.

Insurance Claims Management Software Solutions

We can custom-develop your very own claims management software that manages the entire claims life cycle, including data collection, database construction, data authentication, carrier submission, and more, all while meeting ACORD insurance standards. 

Billing and Payment Software Solutions

We integrate billing and payment processing services into your existing insurance ecosystem. Our skilled team of software developers can build your billing and payment software solutions from scratch, or we can customize a current off-the-shelf product to create a tailored solution that fits your specific business needs.

Insurance Applications for Insurance Adjusters

We can develop tailor-made applications just for Insurance adjusters so that they can take off what they need when they need it. 

  • Claims adjuster capabilities.
  • e-signature captures.
  • Claims information and documents libraries.
  • Damage inspection forms.
  • Offline data capture.

Insurance Applications for Clients

Insurance clients take advantage of the following mobile app features and functions:

  • Mobile claim submissions.
  • Docusign capabilities.
  • Photo and video recording features.
  • On-the-go policy management.
  • Premium pay enablement.

What are your challenges?

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