Slide Reduce Material
Maintenance and Cost
Agricultural Mfg. & Textiles, Inc. chose
Amzur for website development NetSuite
implementation & customization using
SuiteBuilder, SuiteScript.
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Slide Grow More by Integrating
an Extended Team
Khameleon Software has been engaged
with Amzur for application development,
database support, project management,
and business intelligence since 2004.
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Slide Reduce Operational Cost,
Improve Experience
Great Percent LLC. engaged with
Amzur on app development, project
management, and product engineering.
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At Amzur, tech is our passion. We are a flexible partner whose vision is mutual growth. Amzurians shape the future and transform industries by integrating with clients’ teams and cultures to accelerate innovation from within. 

What We Offer

From proof of concept to testing, we provide end-to-end IT services.


Get tailored applications built by our developers and domain experts to solve your complex business challenges with ease.

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Amzur’s NetSuite Professional Services team has the domain expertise for all your NetSuite needs.

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From inception to delivery, Amzur offers the full gamut of energy management services.

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Amzur helps you infuse intelligence into every aspect of your business and deliver an engaging experience.

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As a leading product engineering company with 15+ years of experience, we build highly secure, scalable, and robust products.

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Trusted by more than 1000+ clients around the world

Our clients include global brands, startups, small to mid-market businesses, and agencies. Our dedicated teams work diligently to reduce your overhead while ensuring high-quality, timely deliverables for each project milestone.



Year Experience



Fulltime Developers

Man years experience


Man Years Experience

Satisfied Customers


Satisfied Customers

Connect With an Expert


Director Of Energy Management

Raymond Kaiser

An industry expert, Raymond Kaiser leads a team of software experts in developing an open-source Internet of Things platform for managing distributed energy resources (DERs).

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Software Development Manager

Satya Tenneti

Satya Tenneti is an industry expert currently serving as a software engineering/development manager working with small and medium-sized enterprises in the healthcare and smart energy industries.

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News and Updates

Insights From Our Developers

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