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Partnering with another recruiting firm can work to your advantage

Is your recruiting firm looking to supply full-time, permanent candidates?

If you’re an agency recruiter or a staffing firm, your clients are probably not single-sourcing their searches through you. Partnerships between recruiters have become especially important due to consolidated client vendor lists, recruitment process outsourcing and contingent labor management systems. These systematic approaches to staffing and procurement tend to consolidate and optimize spending with a few major companies.


Full Recruiting Life Cycle

With decades of experience navigating the shifting technological, regulatory, and competitive landscapes in the IT staffing industry, Amzur provides holistic talent strategy, customer-centric consulting services, and a logical path forward for our clients. Even better, our interview-as-a-service platform helps you not only find and acquire the best IT talent but also stay agile in this rapidly changing job market.

Recruiting Partnerships

Working with Amzur can increase your candidate pool substantially without reducing your control over the process.  We are a boutique IT recruiting firm. At our core, we are technology experts. Many recruiters fear giving business to their competitors, but with a good partner, you can get help managing multiple geographic locations, professions, and/or specializations within the IT industry. You also get access to different candidate databases, new industry knowledge, and unique client relationships.

Most top-tier staffing and recruiting firms leverage third-party partners, usually smaller or independent recruiting firms such as Amzur, to build up their recruiting and candidate sourcing capacity and meet service delivery metrics.

Get connected with an extensive network of recruiters to hire top talent faster and smarter. 


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