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Amzur provides a comprehensive suite of NetSuite implementation and integration solutions to help companies across multiple industries modernize their technology and processes to compete in the post-pandemic digital era.

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What We Offer

Time, resources and training are key components for ERP implementation. Amzur’s approach and implementation methodology are designed to deliver time and cost savings along with successful user adoption.

Assessment and Consultation

Applying deep industry expertise and the groundbreaking NetSuite One methodology, Amzur NetSuite Professional Services (NSPS) helps you implement and customize NetSuite for your unique requirements. We offer a range of services, from strategy to implementation consulting to integration and customization support.

Connections and Integrations

Amzur offers the flexibility to integrate your custom, industry-specific, and legacy applications and provide real-time access to NetSuite. We can create a custom connector that syncs NetSuite data such as accounts, transactions, lists, custom objects to and from your databases, CRM, and marketing and ecommerce platforms.

Software/IT Staffing

Whether you need more strategic reporting, new dashboards for accessing data, better process automation with NetSuite SuiteFlows, or enhanced functionality via scripting in NetSuite SuiteScripts—we are an extension of your team and can expand your NetSuite usage as needed. We can also pre-qualify and shortlist developers needed for your teams, whether as a contract hire or for permanent placement.

Sustainability Reporting

We simplify energy management for companies managing multi-tenant buildings like housing complexes, restaurants, retail stores and more. In addition to providing real-time energy data and notifications, full integration with existing systems, customizable dashboards, fault detection and diagnosis, and many other services, Amzur supports a wide range of meters and submeters, sensors, relays and switches, smart thermostats, EV chargers, PV inverters and energy storage systems.

Implementation of NetSuite Solutions

Our delivery model ensures resource quality while reducing costs associated with talent acquisition and shortening the search and onboarding lifecycle. If your business has reached a critical juncture where contractors can no longer support your growth, and you need permanent employees that are more loyal, then Amzur is the right staffing partner for you.

Managed Distributed Resources

From simple processing to complex business transactions flowing through the NetSuite system, our team of NetSuite consultants can help you bridge any gaps in your IT department and answer questions related to the software. We’ll also help identify solutions to unique business requirements that are addressable within the system, ultimately helping you derive competitive advantages from your NetSuite cloud ERP solution.

Custom Application Development

Whether you are re-implementing, customizing, or switching from another platform, Amzur is known for overnight scripts. We develop solutions called Suite Apps for NetSuite. Bring your idea and Amzur’s team of SuiteApp development specialists will build your next app for you.

Maintenance and Support

The Amzur Consulting team helps you get the most out of your investment by providing the assistance you need when you need it. We also provide technical assistance and support resources to help you maintain your NetSuite solution.

Amzurians empower businesses and nurture long-term relationships, just by being responsive and relevant.

Whether you need project expertise, advisory services for a transaction, or a full-scale financial or digital transformation,

Amzur takes the logical path forward.


Providing a broad range of finance, technology (including NetSuite ERP), and risk/compliance expertise accumulated over combined decades in management and advisory roles, the Amzur NSPS team brings client-focused integrity to every engagement. Each expert provides unique knowledge and experience, enabling them to effectively leverage Amzur’s key asset: our 50+ highly-skilled NetSuite consultants and 200+ technology professionals, coders, and engineers.


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Amzur has performed numerous successful implementations for clients across a wide array of industries.

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Whether your needs are simple or complex, short or long term, we’ll partner with you to optimize and manage the operations, information, and processes that are as unique as your business. We provide one-on-one attention and solutions that enable you to acquire a single source of visibility across your enterprise, scale your systems for business growth and become future-ready by eliminating silos and other inefficiencies.

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