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AI-based Automation


The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with automation processes, known as AI-based automation, provides a significant advancement in operational efficiency and effectiveness. This cutting-edge technology enables systems to replicate human actions and make data-driven decisions, going beyond traditional automation capabilities. By incorporating intelligent decision-making, AI-based automation revolutionizes business operations and enhances overall performance.

AI Based Automation Overview



AI-based automation streamlines tasks, ensuring faster completion and improved efficiency, leading to quicker turnaround times and enhanced productivity for organizations.


By minimizing human intervention, the probability of errors is decreased. Taking steps to reduce the level of human involvement can significantly decrease the risk of mistakes occurring.


AI systems possess the capacity to be flexibly scaled to meet diverse requirements, leading to optimal resource utilization and improved efficiency.

Data-Driven Decisions

AI processes massive datasets, extracting insights for informed, data-driven decisions aligned with business objectives and a comprehensive understanding of operations and market trends.

What we do

Utilize the capabilities of artificial intelligence to efficiently collect data from multiple sources, guaranteeing precision and punctuality.

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Optimize your data pipelines and operationalize machine learning models with our professional services.

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Improve customer engagements by implementing chatbots powered by natural language processing. These advanced systems have the ability to comprehend and provide effective responses to user queries, enhancing overall customer experiences.

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Enhance the intelligence of your IoT devices by integrating AI, enabling them to make real-time decisions and providing users with enhanced experiences.

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AI based automation offerings

Case studies

Reducing Waste and Labor Costs in Food Retail: An Automated Quality Inspection Solution

An Automated Quality Inspection Solution

Leveraged the power of AI/ML and computer vision modeling technologies to qualify food products on a scale from 1 to 5 and reduced wastage by 25%.

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Auto-Moderation of User Generated Content

Auto-Moderation of User Generated Content

A European e-commerce client used our NLP pipelines and machine learning models to automate content moderation, resulting in a reduction of manual moderation efforts and improved data security, with almost full precision detection of PII and blacklisted items, and cost reduction due to migration to a new database.

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HVAC Servicing Company Reduces Technician Assignment Time by 50% with AI

Automated Technician Recommender Platform

A California-based HVAC servicing company used AI to develop a recommendation engine that automates the process of assigning technicians to service requests. The recommendation engine has helped the company to improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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