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AI Strategy and Consulting


AI can improve practically every function within the organization – from operations to HR, to marketing. But as businesses worldwide increasingly adopt AI and its applications, just having a data management strategy is no longer enough. A comprehensive AI strategy is essential to ensure that data is leveraged to its full potential, the right AI platform is selected and it is aligned perfectly with business goals and strategies.

Amzur can help you:

Define achievable goals & strategies and align them to proven AI platforms.

Identify the data that is needed to support AI initiatives.

Develop AI use cases that are aligned with business goals.

Build a team with the skills and expertise to implement AI solutions.

Establish a process for monitoring and evaluating AI initiatives.


A well-executed AI strategy can provide businesses with a competitive advantage, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service. Some of the benefits include:

Increased efficiency and productivity

Increased competitive advantage

Enhanced customer service

New product and service development

Improved decision-making

What we do

Our team can help you develop a comprehensive AI strategy with your business goals in mind.

Our team can help you identify the right AI platforms to deliver on your business goals. We can also help you prioritize your AI deployment process so that you focus on use cases that will deliver the most value.

Our governance team can help you comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using AI. This includes laws governing data privacy, discrimination, and intellectual property.

Our data team can help you build a solid data strategy that ensures you have the right data, that the data is clean and accurate, and that it is accessible to your AI models. We can also help you consider the ethical implications of using AI, such as privacy and discrimination.

We can help you execute your AI strategy by setting targets and timelines, monitoring progress, and making adjustments as needed. We can also help you communicate your AI strategy to your stakeholders so that they understand the benefits of AI and how it will impact your business.

AI Strategy and Consulting

Case studies

Reducing Waste and Labor Costs in Food Retail: An Automated Quality Inspection Solution

An Automated Quality Inspection Solution

Leveraged the power of AI/ML and computer vision modeling technologies to qualify food products on a scale from 1 to 5 and reduced wastage by 25%.

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Auto-Moderation of User Generated Content

Auto-Moderation of User Generated Content

A European e-commerce client used our NLP pipelines and machine learning models to automate content moderation, resulting in a reduction of manual moderation efforts and improved data security, with almost full precision detection of PII and blacklisted items, and cost reduction due to migration to a new database.

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HVAC Servicing Company Reduces Technician Assignment Time by 50% with AI

Automated Technician Recommender Platform

A California-based HVAC servicing company used AI to develop a recommendation engine that automates the process of assigning technicians to service requests. The recommendation engine has helped the company to improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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