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Cloud Ops

Agile, Intelligent, and Compliant Cloud Management

Our Cloud Operating (Ops) model framework is a structured approach to managing and optimizing cloud computing environments within an organization. It represents a comprehensive strategy and set of practices that guide how an organization plans, deploys, operates, and scales its cloud resources effectively. The primary objective of a Cloud Operating Model is to align cloud adoption with the overall business goals and to ensure that cloud resources are used efficiently, securely, and in a manner that maximizes value.



Our proprietary
operating model

Elevating cloud operations with our Cloud Ops framework, we integrate process optimization, intelligent automation, and data-driven strategies to boost efficiency, scalability, and innovation in your cloud infrastructure and management.

Continuously refine cloud processes for improved efficiency and scalability, including resource optimization, streamlined deployments, and enhanced backup/recovery methods.

Select, integrate, and manage cloud tools and resources to meet business needs, ensuring seamless system integration and cost-effective performance.

Utilize Business Intelligence, AI, and analytics for automated cloud tasks, in-depth insights, and predicting future trends, including machine learning for data analysis and AI tools for resource management.

Use cloud operation data to guide strategic decisions and performance measurement, tracking metrics such as utilization rates, availability, and security incidents to optimize cloud strategies.

Align cloud operations with organizational policies, industry standards, and regulations, managing technological changes and ensuring compliance with privacy/security laws.

Gain an edge with our Cloud Ops

Cost Efficiency

By finely tuning your cloud resources and automating essential tasks, substantial cost savings become an attainable reality within your grasp.

Enhanced Agility

Cloud Operations empowers you to swiftly and smoothly scale your cloud ecosystem, aligning it effortlessly with fluctuating demands.

Fortified Security

Implementing security best practices becomes second nature, fortifying your cloud data and applications against potential threats.

Unwavering Reliability

With Cloud Operations, your cloud environment is safeguarded, ensuring it remains accessible and dependable around the clock.

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve peace of mind as Cloud Operations aids in the navigation of intricate industry regulations, guaranteeing your cloud environment remains fully compliant.


Optimizing your cloud experience

Embark on a journey to cloud excellence with our all-encompassing Cloud Operations services, meticulously designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. Our offerings include:

Cloud-Native Development

We specialize in crafting and deploying cloud-native applications engineered for scalability, resilience, and impenetrable security.

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Migration Services

Seamlessly transition your workloads to the cloud with our proficient migration services, ensuring a secure and efficient process.

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Application Modernization

Harness the boundless potential of the cloud by modernizing your applications, harnessing its inherent benefits to propel your business forward.

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Managed Services

Allow us to handle the intricacies of your cloud environment with our array of managed infrastructure services, encompassing Infrastructure Operations, Cloud Ops, and a vigilant Network Operations Center (NOC).

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Our client’s success fuels our passion

Modernized Khameleon’s ERP Application for Office Furniture dealers

Application modernization helped Khameleon improve its profits by 25%.

Khameleon upgraded its application to an N-Tier architecture and built an integrated platform using customized ERP tools and Oracle Technologies to make order management seamless and improve their profit margin by 25%.

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Cloud-based business management and sales automation platform

Cloud based platform for business management

Developed and enhanced the integrated EDO platform to ensure end-to-end business management and sales automation through AWS cloud and achieved high precision performance by leveraging cloud testing tools.

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Managing PIM Infrastructure On AWS Cloud to optimize operational and maintenance costs

Managing PIM infrastructure on AWS cloud

Scaled eTeki’s AWS cloud-based virtual interviewing platform to handle more than 1000 interviews and leveraged ML for Product Information Management while ensuring its quality through risk-based agile testing. Thus, accelerating its time-to-market by 80%.

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