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Enhancing ERP Advisory and Consulting with AI

Why should you consider an AI-driven
ERP strategy?

When organizations contemplate ERP strategies, they must meticulously assess key factors like their size, functional requirements, scalability, ROI objectives, and budget constraints. In today’s dynamic landscape, understanding how AI capabilities reshape cloud ERP is essential, introducing new levels of efficiency, automation, data-driven decision-making, and optimization. For those new to ERP implementation, having an AI-savvy expert on the team is vital for successful execution and compliance.

Amzur, your ERP journey partner, excels in cloud ERP. Whether it’s selection, deployment, maintenance, or optimization, Amzur provides top-notch support throughout your ERP journey. With AI features, we tailor your ERP to your business, make strategic choices, and maximize insights, enhancing overall efficiency.

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ERP Managed and Optimization Services

Optimizing ERP systems for ROI and user satisfaction is a common challenge. At Amzur, we specialize in AI-driven NetSuite ERP services. Our expertise streamlines your processes, saving you time and money. Leveraging AI insights, we optimize system efficiency, boost user satisfaction, and enhance ROI, allowing you to concentrate on business transformation rather than system management.

ERP Managed and Optimization Services

ERP Health Checkup

Routine ERP health assessments are critical for early issue detection and resolution. Our expert team conducts a thorough analysis, harnessing AI to uncover deeper insights. From addressing implementation errors to adaptability gaps and evolving business needs, we provide comprehensive insights and AI-driven recommendations. This results in a detailed report with actionable strategies, ensuring your ERP system operates at its full potential.

ERP Health Checkup



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Case studies

NetSuite helps accelerate sales and manufacturing operations for provider of storm and security shutters

Accelerating sales and manufacturing operations for a Shutter manufacturing company

Amzur helped a manufacturing company to enhance operations by deploying NetSuite based automation for sales operations, inventory management, production tracking, as well as real-time financial reporting

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Custom warehouse management system on NetSuite improves inventory management and helps reduce cost

Custom warehouse management system on NetSuite improves inventory management

The Amzur team developed a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) based on SuiteScript, with inbuilt APIs for integration with their existing NetSuite installation.

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NetSuite implementation saved costs on inventory management and modernized e-commerce application

NetSuite for inventory management & integration

Amzur helped the Agricultural Mfg. & Textiles Inc. (AMT) to revamp their eCommerce operations by integrating with a comprehensive inventory management platform on NetSuite. The solution improved sales substantially due to higher customer satisfaction.

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