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NetSuite helps accelerate sales and manufacturing operations for provider of storm and security shutters

Services Offered: NetSuite Financial Management, CPQ & Signnow integration

Industry: Manufacturing

Client Overview

The client is a specialized manufacturer & services provider of shutter solutions for security and storm protection in the USA. With over 30 years of successful operations, the company is one of the leading providers of various types of shutters such as Accordion, Rolling, Bahama & Colonial; besides various types of panels. Made from extruded aluminum, their hurricane shutters are recognized as amongst the best in the industry for creating barriers that are virtually impossible to penetrate, providing the best protection against both storms and criminal activity.


The key issues that our customer wanted to address included:

Manual workflows

The sales process was time and effort intensive due to the manual nature of the process and their dependence on MS Excel for creating customized pricing and proposals. Within every sales order, customers were required to choose from a possible combination of over 250K product variations to determine the final cost.

Inefficient data management

Every order needs to be custom built making accurate tracking of sales orders very difficult based on the approval stage, manufacturing status, and installation status.

Lack of scalability

The company was finding it difficult to scale operations – sales people spent too much time on manual processes and MS Excel, time that could have been devoted to generating new business.

Limited insights and analytics

The management team was unable to draw consolidated financial information and sales projections since data was spread across numerous spreadsheets.

Need for automation

The company wanted to integrate Signnow (electronic signature service) and Solupay (online payments service) within their invoices and make it easy for customers to make payments

Solution and Strategy

Amzur has over 15 years of experience in helping manufacturing companies deploy NetSuite and achieve ROI rapidly by ensuring high adoption rates of the new ERP. We do this by:

Deep understanding of customer personas

our experts spend time with the end-users with the intent to step into their shoes, understand their challenges, and identify the perfect solution that meets their requirements

Ensuring high usability of the proposed solution

our experts focus on delivering comprehensive yet easy-to-use front-ends so that end-users do not have to struggle with the new ERP

User-training and support

to ensure fast adoption of the new ERP, and achieve high levels of user satisfaction

To address the challenges of the shutter manufacturer, our team created highly intuitive forms and data entry screens where the sales person has to simply provide the desired sizes and installation parameters for shutters, and the system automatically selects the appropriate components, calculates the costs based on the parameters entered, and it also applies a custom modification factor in order to arrive at the final price.
Further, to make it easy for customers to accept and sign sales orders, we integrated SignNow into the contract documents, and SoluPay into the invoicing system to make it easy for customers to make payments using a single-click mechanism.


Enhanced sales operations and Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ)

The sales team can now access an easy-to-use online quote generation system, enabling quick pricing estimates. Streamlined NetSuite workflows have simplified bill of materials and paperwork generation, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. These improvements result in faster responses to customers, improved accuracy, enhanced productivity, and cost savings.

Improved customer experience through better order tracking

Automating order tracking has delivered enhanced visibility of orders status, proactive resolution of potential delays, etc. which all adds up to superior customer service. The tracking process also considers approval, manufacturing, installation statuses, and intercompany transactions.

Improved scalability, flexibility, and decision-making analytics report

The custom processes developed for the company’s operation follow an architecture that provides deep flexibility in terms of reporting through the native tools in NetSuite (Saved Searches, Workbooks, Saved Reports).

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