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Are you on the verge of developing a profitable and scalable web application for your business? Then, you are in the right place, right now. In this blog, we will walk you through the Ruby on Rails (RoR) programming language and why you should consider it now. 

In a nutshell, embracing RoR technology is the first step toward your legacy application modernization and having a great digital presence.

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Technology is evolving, and the need for web applications is increasing at breakneck speed. Businesses are understanding the significance of web applications and are aggressively searching for the best ways to build web apps. Arguably, the Ruby on Rails framework has evolved as the best go-to solution for web application development in recent years. 

However, developing an agile and futuristic web application remains a daunting challenge for many businesses. Adopting Ruby on Rails technology makes it much easier—and fun. More specifically, with the RoR framework, you can build what you imagine. 

Ruby on Rails framework

In a nutshell, RoR is open-source software with more than 5,000 contributors to date working to shape the code to be more scalable and make it better. 

Before taking a walk through the Ruby on Rails framework, let’s look at the top 6 challenges in web application development.

  1. UI/UX: Users will abandon a website with a poor user experience and cluttered interface. They never come back for a service or solution. 
  2. Framework and platform knowledge: Choosing the wrong development framework and platform will complicate the overall development and performance. 
  3. Performance: Remember you have only 3 seconds to entice a customer. After that, they will be impatient and possibly leave your application. 
  4. Scalability: Most applications fail to handle workloads as they scale. Another challenge is many companies fail to build a software solution that runs across multiple servers.  
  5. Security: No matter how simplistic the design is and how advanced the features are, it doesn’t matter unless it is secure.. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to put security first and end up lagging behind the competition.
  6. Integration: No application can alone help you meet your business vision. If your application fails to integrate with third-party apps like CRM, it wouldn’t be possible for you to manage customer data and relations.

What is the Ruby on Rails programming language?

Are you looking to develop a web application for your business and unaware of the right solution? Then, you must know about Ruby on Rails and its impact on web app development. 

Ruby on Rails is a sophisticated and popular web programming language introduced in the mid-90s. Ruby on Rails framework is a software code built on top of Ruby. Technically, it is called RubyGem, installed using the command line interface of the operating systems. RoR is an open-source web development framework, which provides a timesaving alternative for Ruby developers. 

Ruby on Rails framework offers a ready-made solution for repetitive tasks like developing tables, forms, or menus on a website. This saves precious time for Ruby on Rails developers. 

It combines the Ruby programming language with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to develop web apps that execute on a web server. Since it runs on a web server, the Ruby on Rails software is categorized as a back-end or server-side web application development platform.

What is special about the Ruby on Rails Platform?

  1. The principle difference between RoR and other frameworks lies in the speed and ease of using the platform for development. 
  2. Changes made to applications are immediately applied, avoiding latencies associated with the web development cycle. 
  3. Compared to Java-based frameworks, apps developed using RoR frameworks are at least five times faster. 
  4. RoR is designed to support agile development for improved efficiency and fastness during development.

Growth of Ruby on Rails framework

Since the RoR software is old, you might have a few common questions about its existence in 2021.

  1. Is Ruby on Rails dead?
  2. Is it still a relevant and reliable web app development framework in 2021?

These are perfectly normal questions to wonder about the Ruby on Rails platform. Let us clear it up for you now. 

As a leading custom software development company, we strongly believe any software or application will lose its charm if it’s not adaptable and scalable. However, when it comes to Ruby on Rails, it is an extremely mature technology that makes an incredible impact in application development. 

As an experienced Ruby on Rails development company in the USA, we served many clients with the RoR framework to build agile and futuristic web applications. 

Here are some fascinating facts about the rapid growth and the market share of the Ruby on Rails framework. 

Currently, over 403,823 websites are using the RoR platform

There are 199,979 unique domains.

Top industry verticals using Ruby on Rails platform

Here is the simple infographic depicting the usage of the Ruby on Rails platform across industries.


The United States leads in adoption of the Ruby on Rails framework with the highest number of websites (101,954). [Source]

Top companies using Ruby on Rails framework

Ruby on Rails has been used across industries for years now. Let’s have a look at the top and popular companies using the Ruby on Rails framework for their web application development. 

Ecommerce websites developed on Ruby on Rails:

Software development websites developed on Ruby on Rails:

Entertainment company websites developed on the RoR framework:

Hospitality websites using RoR platform:

HR websites developed using RoR framework:

Key characteristics of Ruby programming language

Unlike JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL programming languages, RoR covers both front-end and back-end programming, ensuring end-to-end web application development. There are a plethora of benefits of using Ruby on Rails for web programming.

Since it is an open-source server-side programming language, anyone can download it and learn to develop a web application. RoR programming language can also run on Linux, which is also an open-source platform. Its learning curve is smaller than the rest of the server-side languages and is easy to read, understand, and write.

1. MVC Architecture:

Ruby on Rails uses a Model, View, and Controller, or MVC, pattern, which is a widely used web application architecture. This means developers who are familiar with other MVC frameworks can easily use RoR. With this RoR architecture, you can also separate presentation, data, and resource layers.

2. Active Record:

Ruby on Rails relies on the most effective and powerful library called Active Record. This feature will help developers design database interaction queries easily and quickly. As developers write the query in the Ruby programming language, it is converted automatically into a SQL query that receives the output and returns an object. The Active Record library can accomplish most of the tasks, meaning developers do not need to write queries in SQL.

3. Convention over configuration:

It is one of the best characteristics/features of the Ruby on Rails framework. Unlike the Java web application frameworks, the RoR framework doesn’t require multiple config files, each with several settings. This further consumes time and the developer’s efforts.

This convention over configuration will eliminate manual intervention and eventually improve productivity. 

4. RSpec testing tool:

To ensure better performance, it is necessary to timely test your application. Ruby on Rails comes with a unique testing tool feature called RSpec, which allows you to test the functions employed in the application by separately calling them. Since it is a plain Ruby, you can learn and use it easily and ensure your application has been tested properly. 

Check out our blog to know more about modern software QA testing methods and techniques in 2021 and beyond. 

5. Automated deployment:

Since the RoR platform is faster than the other web programming languages, you can deploy every change immediately to production with just a single line on the command interface. RoR’s advanced libraries allow the code to proceed to production with less effort and reduced time.

6. Simple programming language:

Ruby programming language is more similar to English and is easy to read and write. It is an object-oriented programming language that allows you to create virtual objects in your code. Moreover, you need not grapple with syntaxes and special characters as in the PHP programming language. It further enhances efficiency in writing long and complex functions.

Ruby on Rails programming is always easier to structure your thinking and write it into code.

Top 6 features of Ruby on Rails (RoR) programming language

There are numerous reasons why companies are actively leveraging the RoR programming language to develop their web applications. Here are the top benefits of the Ruby on Rails framework over others:

  1. Ruby on Rails framework comes with fundamental security features so you do not need to write any extra lines of code for security. Thus, Ruby on Rails developers follow a safe development life cycle making your application secure. 
  2. Its built-in testing tools make the application more agile and ready for deployment. Its behavior-driven and test-driven approach identifies bugs beforehand and makes the code bug-free. 
  3. Ruby on Rails developers follow consistent conventions and file storage that keeps any project readable and structured. 
  4. The biggest benefit or feature of the Ruby on Rails framework is its agility.  The application built on RoR grows with your business and makes it compatible with other applications. 
  5. Since it is an open-source programming language, it is a more economical solution for startups and SMEs. 
  6. The Ruby on Rails framework is not just limited to web app development. You can also use it for Android and iOS mobile apps development.

As a business owner, you might have numerous questions wandering around your mind. Let us answer a few questions for you.

Why choose the Ruby on Rails programming language? 5 Benefits of RoR


Rails is the killer app for Ruby.

Yukihiro Matsumoto, creator of Ruby.

Clients are wiser and future thinkers. As a leading Ruby on Rails development company, we come across many clients who want to talk about modern technologies and frameworks to build their applications.

They usually ask:  

  1. Why are we not adopting this modern technology/framework? 
  2. We heard the XYZ framework is the most advanced. Isn’t it possible to embrace it right now? 
  3. Does this technology help us outrun our competitors? 

We have been using Ruby on Rails for more than a decade now. We can understand our client proximity and ultimate business goals and suggest the best framework that drives them toward their goals.  

If someone asks us about adopting the Ruby on Rails framework, we will suggest several reasons to support its adoption. If you are an early-stage startup or an SME, you will find Ruby on Rails critical when time-to-market is the key. 

Indeed, we take pride in suggesting the RoR platform for companies who have limited budgets and who are planning to embark on new goals.

Amzur’s Ruby on Rails development services Case study

Before dwelling on the benefits/advantages of the Ruby on Rails framework, let us introduce one of our clients from the real estate industry. 

GreatPercent Real Estate, LLC (Great Percent) enables homeowners to save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions by providing homeowners the ability to compare offers from competing top local real estate agents that want to win their listing.

To bring both sellers and buyers together, Amzur’s RoR development team supported from proof of concept to design, development, and production stages.


  • Scale workflow processes
  • Ensure quality follow-ups for every regulation process
  • Have complete transparency and control of processes for reduced operational risk

Click on this link to explore more about our Great Percent case study.

Here are the top 5 incredible benefits (Pros) of Ruby programming

1. Ruby allows you to build web applications:

If you are interested in web app development over just having a website, the Ruby on Rails platform will help you build scalable and intuitive applications. 

The Ruby on Rails framework includes several shortcuts that allow you to build web applications quickly and effectively. Thus, saving your time and cost.


Ruby on Rails is a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming.

Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days.

Tim O’Reilly, Founder of O’Reilly Media.

2. Ruby programming is easy to understand:

The Ruby on Rails programming language is similar to English, which is easy to read, understand, and write code. Moreover, the syntax of RoR programming is not complex when compared to the PHP language. For example, you do not need to worry about semicolons (;) and other special characters while coding. 

3. Ruby on Rails is a full-stack:

While developing web applications, you need to use various programming languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The HTML is used to define the page structure, CSS for adding styles, and JavaScript to make the webpage more interactive. 

Since Ruby on Rails is a full-stack programming language, you can build apps without worrying about separate front-end and back-end web applications. You can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript inside your Rails application to eliminate the extra efforts involved in hosting the front-end of your website.

4. Strong developer community:

Ruby on Rails has one of the most active and strong developer communities across the globe. This means you can get help from developers anytime to make your code more sophisticated. There are also guides, materials, and coding boot camps available online, making it one of the more reliable communities. 

This is why more than 55% of RoR users say it is their “most loved” programming language with advanced features and security.

5. RoR is easy to set up:

Unlike in other frameworks, you need not grapple with Rails configuration. With minimum effort and little configuration process, you can install Rails to get started. There is no need to write massive configuration files or to copy code from boilerplate to get started. 

Ruby on Rails is a hassle-free framework compared to other notable frameworks in the market.


Rails has done more for startups than a whole boatload of Venture Capitalists. Rails has had an incredible impact on the startup ecosystem.

Eric Ries, the proponent of Lean Startups.

Cons/Disadvantages of Ruby on Rails Programming Language

Would you expect any technology platform to not have any pitfalls? Definitely not. Every app development platform has pros and cons; Ruby on Rails programming is not an exemption. Here are the top 2 disadvantages of Ruby programming.

1. Less flexibility:

When it comes to developing an application with customized features, the RoR platform will trigger some challenges. Migrating databases, configuring routing, and other challenges  might stretch the overall implementation process and bring further complexity. 

With a hard dependency between components and modules, the Ruby on Rails framework is ideal for standard web app development.

2. Slow runtime:

The major hiccup with the Ruby on Rails framework. Compared to Node JS and Django, RoR lacks in speed and performance. In most cases, the performance issues are associated with server or database architecture. 

Twitter, for example, struggled to improve RoR’s performance after it became very popular.

Looking for a Ruby on Rails development company in the USA?

Ruby on Rails is one of our preferred choices to develop web applications easily and quickly. Due to its ease of usage and advanced features, we can build complex web apps in just a few days compared to other frameworks. RoR is strong enough to build MVPs that can reduce time-to-market efforts and entice customers. 

Here is the list of the top 5 mobile app development frameworks in 2021. Explore the blog now. 

Hopefully, we’ve answered your questions about whether to opt for the RoR framework or not. Check out our portfolio and let us know how best we can collaborate to take your next web application development project to the next level. 

If you have a great idea, we have a perfect code for you to make it a successful product. At Amzur, we have a team of Ruby on Rails developers with more than a decade of experience in transforming your business’s digital landscape. Our extensive understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework promises error-free and cost-effective RoR web app solutions. 

Our agile methodology and in-depth knowledge in RoR development will provide you with exceptional post-development support and maintenance. We harness expertise in developing profitable web apps and mobile apps using Ruby on Rails development tools. Amzur has been a leading and trusted Ruby on Rails web app development company in Tampa, Florida, USA, over the past decade in delivering futuristic and reliable solutions for business growth.

We develop world-class web apps that scale your vision in the most efficient way.

Interested in adopting the Ruby on Rails platform?


In a nutshell, the RoR framework provides an end-to-end solution for web development including writing front-end and back-end code, providing security, and testing at a low cost. 

So, who wouldn’t want to adopt well-structured, controlled, and user-friendly code for their application? No one, right? These incredible factors made the RoR programming language the best choice for SMEs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an intricate part of any business. You can easily integrate with renowned CRM tools to get the required customer data. 

For example, you can integrate the RoR application with Salesforce for better CRM functionalities.

Well, just because a new framework is trending or a tech giant has endorsed it, that does not mean it is the perfect choice for your next digital product. 

If a specific platform is working well and giving you the fruits, stick to it and upgrade the framework instead of replacing it. 

Here is a video explaining whether you need Ruby on Rails or not. Just spare two minutes of your time for a better understanding.