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Enhanced efficiency and growth: How a leading EPM solutions provider excelled with NetSuite and OpenAir Integration

Services Offered: NetSuite + OpenAir

Industry: Professional Services


Our client is a leading enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions provider with a strong presence in the MENA region, with subsidiaries in the UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, India, and the UK. As the first Oracle Partner in the MENA region to achieve Oracle’s EPM Service Expertise recognition in 2021, our client delivers unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions in the EPM landscape, setting them apart from others in the market. They offer comprehensive advisory, implementation, management, and training services across EPM, business intelligence, analytics, and customer relationship management.

The Challenge

As a rapidly expanding global company, our client faced the common challenges of scaling operations, such as:

To manage rapid global growth, they needed to manage multi-currency financials, consolidate reports manually, and accurately track costs across subsidiaries.

Disconnected project management and financial systems led to data inconsistencies, high maintenance efforts, and a constant need to upskill staff, hindering timely decision-making.

The lack of a centralized data source and visibility into resource availability, forecasting, utilization, and budgets made planning and resource management difficult.

Manual inputs slowed billing, forecasting, and revenue recognition, creating inefficiencies, delays, and potential errors.

Teams in different locations struggled to collaborate effectively, likely due to a lack of integrated tools and processes.

The Solution

Our team at Amzur closely collaborated with the client to transform its global operations. We tailored a comprehensive solution, encompassing NetSuite and OpenAir implementation, customization, and integration, which helped them transform their accounting, customer relationship management, and professional services functions.

Configured NetSuite to manage multi-currency financials, automate consolidation, and track costs accurately across subsidiaries.

Centralized resource visibility, forecasting, budgeting, and utilization tracking by implementing OpenAir.

Developed custom scripts within OpenAir to prevent resource overbooking, automate compliance, and generate tailored reports.

Integrated NetSuite and OpenAir to provide real-time data to enable comprehensive financial analyses, forecasts, and decision-making insights.

Established seamless data flow between departments by integrating additional systems, such as Salesforce and HRMS.

Successfully migrated historical data to ensure completeness and accuracy within the new system.

Employed a phased implementation approach, promoting smooth onboarding and user adoption to create an efficient way to concentrate on learning, testing, and adapting one module at a time.

Results / Benefits

Achieved streamlined global financial processes with multi-currency handling, automated consolidation, and accurate cost tracking across subsidiaries.

Reduced reliance on manual processes through automation of timesheets, expense tracking, compliance, and reporting, freeing up valuable time.

Centralized resource and project management offers real-time visibility into resource availability, forecasting, utilization, and budgeting.

Automated compliance and simplified tracking reduce administrative burdens and manual effort associated with timesheet and expense management.

Accurate and timely financial reports, budget vs. actual analysis, and profitability insights enable data-driven decision-making, empowering leaders to make strategic decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Seamless data flow between finance, project management, and operations teams enhances cross-team collaboration.

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