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CRA maximized profitability and reduced manual effort through automation

Services Offered: NetSuite Integration and Customization

Industry: Manufacturing


Commercial Residential Aluminum (CRA), a leader in the Florida pool and patio enclosure market, has built a reputation for innovative designs and high-quality products. Founded over 25 years ago, CRA has expanded its portfolio to include fencing, seamless gutters, and more. The company’s dedication to precision engineering and patented technologies sets them apart in a competitive industry.

The Challenge

CRA’s growth was being hampered by operational bottlenecks stemming from their use of multiple disconnected systems. These challenges created inefficiencies and restricted their ability to gain real-time insights into their business. Specifically, CRA faced the following hurdles:

Disparate Systems and Data Silos: Using multiple systems (Kronos, MSI Service Pro, and RF Smart) meant critical data was scattered and not easily accessible for analysis. This made it difficult to get a real-time picture of operations, leading to delays or inefficiencies.

Manual Processes and Inefficiencies: The company had to rely on manual data entry or transferring information between systems. This is time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, the lack of automation likely affected their project completion times and overall efficiency.

Limited Visibility and Reporting: Without a centralized data hub, it was difficult to generate accurate reports on things like project profitability, material usage, or labor costs. This came in the way of informed decision-making and the ability to identify areas for improvement.

The Solution

Amzur was brought in to help CRA overcome these operational hurdles. Our team of experienced business professionals performed a thorough assessment of CRA’s existing systems and their specific business needs. Key considerations were how to seamlessly integrate Kronos, MSI Service Pro, and RF Smart while creating a single, unified view within a customized NetSuite 360 implementation. We implemented the following:

NetSuite SuiteSuccess: The core business management functions within NetSuite (accounting, inventory, etc.) provided the foundation for the solution.

Enhanced Integrations: Seamlessly connecting Kronos for time management, MSI Service Pro for scheduling and work orders, and RF Smart for accurate inventory control allowed information to flow freely between systems.

Automation and Customizations: Automated several manual processes, such as job creation, assembly creation, time entry, and commission calculations. Delivered customization to support CRA's specific piece-rate pay calculation methodology for their production workforce.

Results / Benefits

CRA achieved significant operational improvements and strategic advantages, including:

Unified 360-Degree View: All business data now resides in a single, cloud-based system. This gives CRA real-time visibility into all aspects of their operations, from initial customer contact to final project billing.

Increased Efficiency: Automation of key processes and seamless data flow between systems dramatically reduces manual effort and errors. This optimization liberates CRA's team to concentrate on innovation and customer engagement, driving further business growth.

Improved Project Profitability: Accurate tracking of labor costs, materials used, and real-time project status empowers CRA to make data-driven decisions and maximize profitability.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Real-time access to business insights enables CRA's leadership to make informed decisions quickly, adapting to changing market conditions and ensuring the business remains agile.

With Amzur’s help, we were able to go beyond the limitations of a basic accounting/ERP system. They helped us implement a single, unified system that seamlessly integrates with our existing tools and runs our entire business on the cloud. Now, we have everything we need at our fingertips.

Doug Sorantino

VP of Operations

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