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Kahwa Coffee improved efficiency in their accounting processes and saved time on reconciliation through automation

Services Offered: NetSuite + OpenAir

Industry: Food and Beverage


As a prominent independent coffee roaster based in Florida, Kahwa Coffee is renowned for being one of the largest in the state. They take pride in delivering exceptional quality coffee to their extensive network of over 800 wholesale customers and operating 15 retail locations across the Tampa Bay area. Focused on providing a superior coffee experience, they have become a staple in the local community, emphasizing both product excellence and outstanding customer service.

The Challenge

The primary concerns Kahwa Coffee aimed to resolve included:

The limitation of their current FOCUS POS setup hindered a comprehensive overview of operations across all 15 locations, impeding efficient day-to-day management.

Wrestling with the complexities of maintaining precise inventory levels across their extensive network of locations.

The challenges posed by extensive manual efforts in recording and managing inventory, items, and various payment methods. It would normally take up to 8 hours for all records to be updated and reconciled completely between 15 locations and HQ.

A pressing need for an advanced system to streamline the tracking of payment methods, with a specific emphasis on automating the validation process for gift certificates.

The Solution

Our experienced team at Amzur integrated the FOCUS POS connector, allowing seamless import of daily sales data into NetSuite. This integration solution not only simplified the process but also enabled support for multiple stores with minimal configuration required.

By implementing our FOCUS POS connector, we eliminated the need for third-party connectors, ensuring a streamlined and efficient system. This consolidation brought consistency to inventory management, significantly reducing manual efforts and improving accuracy.

To meet their specific business needs, we implemented a few customizations, such as customized items and records. These tailored enhancements further optimized their operations and ensured a seamless fit with their unique requirements.

Results / Benefits

The connector automatically creates invoices, payments, deposits, and credit memos in NetSuite nightly, reducing processing time from over 8 hours to just 3 hours using our Restful API.

Daily cash/credit statements are automated for each location/store.

Our NetSuite-native connector to FOCUS POS eliminates the need for additional licences, resulting in cost savings. Clients achieved a positive ROI and saved money by switching from third-party connectors.

Setup and configuration only need to be done once, eliminating frequent setup requirements.

Automation saves time on accounting processes and reconciliation, providing consistency and eliminating the need for additional staffing.

Clear cash visibility through NetSuite Analytics of each location's performance allows clients to focus on areas that require attention.

Experience a tailored approach to unlocking success aligned with your goals.

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