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Resilience means different things to different people. It is often said to be the ability to bounce back after being hit with disappointments or the mental reservoir of desire and strength that people call on during setbacks, failures, and losses. It is a drive to carry on without falling apart. But, when considered in a corporate setting, resilience almost feels like a gimmick or a fallacy.

Then how do executives ensure their company can continue creating value in the face of disasters, both natural and manmade? How do they absorb stress, recover critical functionality, and thrive in altered circumstances?

At Amzur, our executives understand that setbacks happen and that sometimes life is hard and painful. They possess the capacity to make realistic plans and stick to them. They may not always be the smartest person in the room, but they possess high emotional intelligence and manage their emotions effectively. They often focus on looking for small ways to tackle the problem or make changes that will help.

In the boardroom, resilience can be masked by key figures on the balance sheet, like cash flow or return on invested capital (ROIC). Earnings and revenue are important because they provide organizational resilience by creating a cushion between our direct resources and our stakeholders. But profits, by themselves, are not the mission.

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Amzur has given me an opportunity to work from home during the pandemic. Amzur’s benefit package is very thoroughly put together. I do not need to spend additional time conducting my own research on getting the best healthcare programs. Amzur cares about their employees physically, mentally and financially.

Business Resilience Is Now

Amzur’s mission is to create mutual success by being a trusted partner to our clients, our associates, and the communities we serve. Our business decisions, products/services, and actions align with that mission. Amzur is recruiting and retaining top talent, and we are recognized as a great place to work. Our company is led by dedicated management teams who consider it their life’s work to accomplish the company’s mission.

There are also other important components of business resilience, such as process maturity, business model, competitive advantages, leadership team, a positive track record, a culture of innovation, and the capacity to change with market trends and conditions.

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In order for an organization to be resilient, its leadership needs to be strong. Amzur’s leaders provide direction as part of all decision-making while also seeking to innovate with ideas and solutions from others. Leaders of resilient organizations share lessons learned to promote better practices across the organization. The mantra of success during COVID-19 is that Amzur has always helped me to maintain a balance between my professional and family life via live interactions with medical experts, mentoring sessions, and learning and development programs and has stood by each employee in hard times as they work and contribute during the pandemic.

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Amzur supports communities to achieve more, especially in times of need. We have leaders who get involved and lead the change from within. This makes Amzur stronger.

How does Amzur do this? What makes us unique? The answer is simple: strong leadership and open minds, from top to bottom. Get in touch today to achieve the same.

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