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technology trends in recruiting

5 Technology Trends in IT Recruiting

technology trends in recruiting

Technology can’t be a substitute for recruitment, still, it reduces the hiring time and brings talent to an organization in a more competent way. Implementing technology into the onboarding process through cloud-based repositories and introducing a company intranet for internal communications have given opportunities to new employees to learn and train. Applicant tracking systems, mobile phones, and job boards are catering to the staffing industry for more than 15 years. However, currently, a seismic shift in technology is profoundly transforming the interaction of the recruiters with the candidates. The combined force of the web and smartphones has now changed candidates’ expectations. Consequently, the advent of 5 technological developments has turned out to be top-notch recruitment programs of today.

Candidate Facilitated Portal

Almost 83% recruiters now agree it’s a candidate-driven job market and so the third generation job portals primarily focus on building a healthy relationship with the candidates. The on-boarding process emphasizes what the candidates want from the company, by briefing about the company’s culture, brand, mission and success rate.

Mobile Dominated Recruitment

With smartphones, mobile internet connectivity and apps, recruiters and candidates easily communicate with each other. A survey undertaken by Jobvite revealed that almost 73% of the HR people have the plan of investing in mobile recruitment, as mobile is dominating the recruiting sector for its flexibility and high rate of response.

Social Media Promotion

At present, 94% recruiters are active social posters with an additional 71% already employed in the job market. More emphasis is now given to engaging candidates and creating candidate fans. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are driving towards smart advertising and reference-based content for targeting candidates with more accuracy.

Powerful Business Branding

Proper business branding brings a positive impact on recruiting. LinkedIn’s survey of Global Recruiting Trends in 2015 reveals 56% of 4000 HR professionals in 30 countries to develop a business brand. The research also showed the hiring cost per candidate to get decreased by 50% and turnover rates to fall by 28% because of powerful business branding.

Video Interviewing Platform

A PGI infographic reveals that the use of video interviewing has increased to 49%. Presently, 6 out of 10 recruiters and HR managers on an average make use of video for interviewing candidates. 90% of recruiters using video interviewing sites like eTeki, say that video interview helps them reduce the time to fill up positions. 66% of candidates also prefer video interviews rather than conventional interviewing for its flexibility and ease of scheduling.
The new technological developments should be held to implementing positive changes. If HR professionals use new technology successfully, they can redefine candidates’ staffing experiences and improve organizational productivity. Check out our IT Staffing Services

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