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Extended Teams

10 Tools to Help Manage Your Remote and Extended IT Teams Today!

Extended Teams

Do you run a remote and extended IT, team? If so, you are not alone. These types of IT teams are becoming more and more popular today because of technological advances that have made the world a much smaller place. Running these teams can age the remote and extended IT team.

We will discuss the 10-best tools to manage your remote and extended IT teams, as they are available now.


Despite the name, this is not a program that helps you slack off while working. Instead, it integrates a ton of features into one location for your entire team to use. Instead of sending countless emails to co-workers, all employees using the program can drop messages and files into Slack for others to see whenever they are online.


Like Slack, Trello is another program that helps you manage your extended and remote IT team. Trello allows you to put together as many assignments as needed so your team knows what needs to be completed and when. You basically create cards that have all of the assignment information on them and then assign them out to respective employees.


Do you run a remote production or IT team? If so, ProdPad might be the perfect app for your company. ProdPad lets companies manage ideas and keep everything in one place when organizing a roadmap for a project.


If your IT team is small, then Duet is an app that your company should consider. Duet is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. All of your team’s projects can be kept in Duet and even allows your clients to see the project progress.


It can be difficult for managers of remote IT teams to explain things to team members. This is where Skitch comes into play. Skitch allows users to add arrows, text and other forms of information to screenshots to better explain things to your team members.


Dropbox is an app that allows users the ability to share documents from their smartphones, tablets, and computers. The app can store photos, documents, and links.


Another excellent app for remote IT teams is Hackpad. This app allows team members the opportunity to talk to each other, take notes and even do a little coding while working in real time with everyone on the project.


Do you have any writers on your remote IT team? If so, then you need to use Draft. This app lets writers create, edit and manage documents. It is all done in real time and includes copyediting.


OneNote is offered only through Microsoft, so you will not be able to use in on your Mac. If your remote team can use this app, consider it. The app lets you share notebooks and other items with team members.


iDoneThis is an app that sends an email to all team members at the end of each day asking them what they have accomplished. The next morning, a digest is sent to the entire team so everyone can celebrate the accomplishments made from the prior day.

If you run an extended and remote IT team, consider adding one or more of these tools to your repertoire in order to be a more successful team.

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