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About Optum

Medical data processing and claim management are crucial in the healthcare industry. Whether it’s an insurance company or hospital, manual processing and errors are the biggest hurdles.

One of our clients is into the healthcare industry and wanted to develop an inclusive application to automate the documentation process and make the data available across the organization to minimize manual intervention. They approached Amzur to
develop a solution to improve drug administration and free up doctors to spend time with patients.


The Challenge

Industries are moving at a fast pace to embrace technology and gain business benefits out of modernization. The healthcare industry is not an exception. Since the healthcare industry is data sensitive and requires human interaction more often, it is quite challenging to achieve automation and process efficiency.

Our client faced challenges with extensive human intervention, tedious tasks management, real time view into business processes and data, claim processing, which further complicated data processing, disaster management, and communication across departments.

The Solution

Before developing a comprehensive solution, Amzur has identified a few potential problems that our client faced. Earlier, they struggled with speed, accuracy, transparency, tedious task automation, claim process, and data security.

After a thorough analysis, our expert’s team has divided the entire development process into three phases, where each challenge will be resolved with the utmost attention.

1. Claims management module

2. Clinical 360 services

3. Integrated ancillary services

We identified the necessity of automation and developed the solution to

1. Configurable Rules Engine and Workflow Engines to replace manual operations with automated tasks.

2. Tasks that are prone to errors are moved from manual processing to automated based on Business Rules Definitions.

3. Repetitive tasks are moved to the Business Rules Engine and Workflow Engine.

4. The 360-degree solution made it possible to provide a single source of data across the organization for better communication.

Our four-tier architecture focuses on improving efficiency while minimizing human intervention and erroneous operations.

1. Business Access Layer: Contains business logic, validation that is related to the data.

2. Data Access Layer: Contains logic for the business layer to connect to the data and performs required actions like insert, delete and update.

3. Presentation Layer: Contains .asp or HTML and forms the user interface, or gives an output from the system, or takes inputs from the user.

4. Data Standardization Layer: Evaluates incoming Claim data and prepares vital information for the Processing Engine.

Resource Allocation

Amzur had allocated a large dedicated team of 31 technology experts including, Developers, QA Specialists, Project Leader, and Designers.

Tech Stack

We are always ahead in embracing modern technologies that can assure prominent growth and scalability.
1. AngularJS + C# + MVC + Web API + Kendo UI + HTML 5 + CSS 3
2. Windows Server 2008 used with IIS 7. MVC architecture was followed.

The benefits of MVC architecture are:

1. MVC architecture provides full control over the rendered HTML.

2 SoC – provides a clean separation of controls

3. TDD – provides test-driven development.

4. Integrates easily with JavaScript frameworks.


Amzur’s healthcare management system benefits various sectors including, government, insurance companies, patients, and hospitals in

1. Bringing disparate data together to make well informed decisions.

2. Improving drug administration accuracy by 40%.

3. Freeing up doctors to spend more time with patients.

4. Error-free claim verification and processing.

5. Saving more than 60% of employee time from mundane tasks.


Right from the word go, Amzur delivered beyond the call of action. They have an excellent development team, who are available 24X7 to support us. We have a process where we give regular feedback on projects, teams and not a single instance where we rated them below 5/5.



In the fast-paced industrial revolution, business and process automation have become paramount to stay relevant and competitive in the market. Especially in the healthcare industry, it is crucial to ensure everyone including patients, insurance companies, and doctors is free from monotonous and tedious tasks.

Failing to achieve workflow automation and claim processing wouldn’t yield any positive results and further hinders growth. Our client came to us with numerous challenges to overcome and ideas to implement. By combining our technical expertise and vast industrial experience, we built a futuristic healthcare management application that enables businesses access real-time data through customized dashboards and provide insights that contribute for a seamless growth.

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