Raymond Kaiser, Director of Energy Management Services, is representing Amzur Energy Services at this year’s Distributed Energy Conference that takes place Oct. 30- Nov. 1, 2019, in Denver, Colorado.

According to Distributed Energy Conference, “The conference brings together utility-scale electricity providers with power generators utilizing distributed energy resources (DERs), including commercial and industrial facilities, cooperatives, and private enterprise. The conference focuses on real-life applications of DERs, providing insight and information about renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, energy storage, microgrids, combined heat and power (CHP), generators, microturbines, and hybrid systems utilizing a variety of technologies. The event also delves into the business and financial aspects of distributed generation, including the emerging world of blockchain.”

Kaiser will be addressing the numerous ways software can be used for DER management during his presentation. Software is key to monetizing and managing DERs and Amuz Energy Services specializes in Distributed Energy Management.

Amzur Energy Services (AES) provides Distributed Energy Management, based on open standards, that securely monitors, manages, coordinates, and controls Distributed Energy Resources (DER) – from sensors and switches to controller and cloud. AES offers a comprehensive suite of products for managing energy resources — from a portfolio of properties down to a single building or device. Our submetering platform can provide real-time insight into energy demand by a circuit, load type, department, or tenant.

Register for The Distributed Energy Conference today at https://www.distributedenergyconference.com/ to learn more about the different ways to manage energy from our experts at Amzur Energy Services.

About Amzur Technologies:

Amzur Technologies is an Information Technology solutions and support firm. Amzur offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, high-value technology services, delivered at a size and scale that offers optimal flexibility as a business grows. Based in Florida, our range of resources, from enterprise applications to software development to IT staffing, extends technology capabilities and enhances the ability to compete. Through Amzur Energy Services, we offer a considerable breadth and depth of expertise, software capabilities, and real-world experience in implementing DER solutions.

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