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Find a Future, Not Just a Job on Amzur’s New Careers Website

Find a Future, Not Just a Job on Amzur’s New Careers Website

Amzur Technologies, Inc. today announced the launch of a new careers website at This website was designed to provide something more tangible to candidates looking for more information about Amzur.

This is more than just your typical corporate careers website
– Said Kasturi Rao, Human Resources manager of Amzur’s India Operations

It is designed by the Amzurians for the future Amzurians. On the new website, we’ve included employees’ creative content as well as the type of technologies they work on.

The new career site contains Amzur’s mission and values, culture, benefits and perks, associate testimonials, awards, information, internal and external programs, locations, and links to company social media profiles, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. The website has a dynamic career page with the most recent job postings, links, and content. 

We wanted to do more than just displaying some basic information about Amzur, the current job openings, and perhaps a few pictures of the workspace
– Said Bengi Lynch, Ex Director of Digital Marketing

Additionally, in 2021, will feature in-depth information about technology occupations, blogs written by Amzurians, and career topics related to the information technology industry.

We are hoping the website will serve as a tool to give a reason for the good candidates to stay an additional minute or two, get to know Amzur, and apply for a position
– Said Kasturi Rao, Human Resources manager of Amzur

Becoming a team member of Amzur Technologies, Inc. introduces you to a career with virtually unlimited possibilities. Our unique corporate culture rewards self-starters and hard workers who adhere to our commitment to do what is best for our clients. With Amzur, you will get the training, the mentoring, and the tools you need to succeed in a technology-track career. 

“IT Candidates Can Find a Job and a Future on Amzur’s New Careers Website”