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Vendor Bill Payment Approval Process

After a Vendor Bill is approved, this Script provides additional approvals before payment is released. Two Steps: (1) Queue/Propose for Payment, (2) Approve for payment/Release.

Queue/Propose Payment check box is available for inline edit on List View. Once Checked, Script sets user as Proposer. The next Step is for a different person to Approve for Payment check box. Must be a different person. The script will not allow the same person that Proposes to Approve. The script sets the Approval check box back to ” No”. Saved Searches are used to easily check boxes for Proposal and/or Approval. Reminders can be added to easily identify what is needed for Proposal and/or Approval.

This bundle validates the user while approving the Vendor Bill for Payment. If the same user trying to approve the same vendor bill then the bundle disables/removes the final approval flag in the background.