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Dennick FruitSource Gains Supply Chain Transparency with Customized NetSuite Shipment Tracking

Services Offered: NetSuite Customization and Integration

Industry: Food & Beverages


Dennick FruitSource is a world leading supplier of tropical fruit juices, concentrates, and purees, located in Tampa, Florida. They source the best ingredients from around the globe to offer their customers a full line of fruit products. Their mission is to be the world’s leading supplier of fruit juices, concentrates, and purees to food and beverage companies.

The Challenge

Dennick Fruit Source approached us to address significant challenges in their shipment tracking process. They struggled with:

Incomplete Shipment Information: Difficulties in tracking expected delivery dates, items, and quantities of incoming shipments hindered production planning and ingredient availability.

Inconsistent Communication: Inefficiencies and errors in managing shipment data across different departments caused delays and disruptions.

Lack of Standardization: Time-consuming manual creation of non-standard PDFs for different shipment types led to inconsistencies in information sharing.

Rising IT & Compliance Costs: Maintaining and supporting outdated systems led to increasing IT costs. Additionally, managing compliance with regulations became more complex.

The Solution

Amzur partnered with Dennick FruitSource to implement a customized shipment tracking solution within their NetSuite ERP system, leveraging a custom connector for data exchange. This solution provided real-time visibility into shipments, enabling proactive inventory management and streamlined communication. Key features of the solution included:

Generation of inbound shipment records linked to purchase orders, ensuring timely visibility of incoming ingredients.

Tracking of delivery dates, items, quantities, and transactions for accurate inventory updates and supply chain transparency.

Customized PDF generation tailored for different types of units, optimizing communication with suppliers and carriers.

Results / Benefits

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Dennick FruitSource gained real-time insights into shipment status, significantly improving supply chain visibility and ensuring on-time deliveries.

Improved Inventory Accuracy: Automated shipment data updates within NetSuite ensured accurate inventory records, minimizing stock-outs and overages.

Streamlined Operations: The customized solution reduced manual data entry, saving time, minimizing potential errors, and seamlessly integrating shipment information into essential business processes.

Enhanced Sales Effectiveness: Integrated lead-to-cash management, actionable insights, and automated invoice creation have significantly streamlined their sales process.

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