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Adding Lines To SO By Barcode Scan


To Split, Sales Order into 2 orders based on item category and Add lines to the Sales Order by scanning items.

Users will Scan items from stores with all different items categories.

There are two types of item categories [i.e Birthday items and Paper items]

Each Sales Order should contain lines with the same category items.

If an item has been scanned multiple times it should be added as a single line in SO and Quantity will be the number of times an item has been scanned is multiplied by Item Scanned Quantity Value[Custom Field on Item Record]


The user wants to update the sales order lines once the items bar code is scanned and wants to split the sales order(into 2 orders) based on item category.


We have created a field on the sales Order i.e Bar code Scan where UPC code of items will display once item barcode is scanned. From the field value, will be get the item info and lines are added after saving the record.

Every item is assigned with category, based on category sales order will split into 2 orders.