Shared Vendor Bills

Overview of Functionality

Expenses may be shared across departments/subsidiaries. For example, office space may be used by multiple legal entities where one entity receives the vendor bill and makes the payment, but the expenses for rent and utilities need to be allocated across the entities using that office space. This SuiteSolution allows customers to set up distribution schedules for common expenses. The distribution schedules define the allocation % for each legal entity.
The allocation % or amount can be over-written for an expense or item line on the vendor bill. Specific lines can also be excluded from distribution. When the vendor bill is approved, regular journal entries are created for inter-departmental distributions or intercompany journal entries are created for distribution across subsidiaries. The journal entries are also reversed and new journal entries created when lines are updated or deleted on the vendor bill.


  • Expense distribution is not supported for the following item types:
    • Inventory Items
    • Items/Expenses with amortization schedules
  • A single distribution schedule is applicable across all lines on a vendor bill
  • The net amount of the expense/item line (excluding taxes) is distributed. Taxes are not shared as the source subsidiary will claim the taxes
  • Intercompany Journal Entries are created in the base currency of the source subsidiary
  • Currency based loss or gain will not be split/shared. Realized or Unrealized gain/loss on the foreign currency will stay in the source subsidiary.

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