Return Authorization from Case

Overview of Functionality

Using SuiteSolutions – Return Authorization from Case, users can create return authorization (RA) or sales order (SO) from a customer case record

The solution features include:

  • Searching for existing sales orders or customer invoices within a date range
  • Creating a return authorization or a replacement sales order containing selected line items.
  • Maintaining a one to one relationship between case and the transaction used as the source to create either a return authorization or the replacement sales order.
  • Linking related transactions to the case record.
  • Updating the case status upon receipt of items (Return Authorization Item Receipt).
  • Alerting when a transaction has already been created based on an existing transaction.
  • Setting the new transaction date to the system date, case date, or the source transaction date.
  • Sending a notification to a user when the transaction lines exceed a processing threshold that triggers a scheduled script to improve the processing performance.


  • The creation of a one Sales Order and one Return Authorization for the same case record from the same source transaction
  • Cannot process simultaneous transactions
  • Handle cases reported by the NetSuite customer record only, not other entities
  • Handle a maximum of 50,000 rows in the search results user interface.
  • All standard SuiteCloud usage and governance limits apply

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