AR Deduction & Chargeback Management

Overview of Functionality

SuiteSolutions – AR Deduction & Chargeback Management solution provides the ability to create credit memo
for deductions claimed by the customers at the time of recording customer payment.

The solution features include:

  • Create one or more credit memos for a specified customer.
  • Apply one or more deductions against the invoice.
  • Create chargeback invoice if required.
  • Create one credit memo per deduction item used.
  • Create one chargeback Invoice per chargeback item used.
  • Automate writing off small outstanding balances on invoices based on the predefined limits. Limits are defined per currency.
  • A deduction management record is maintained for credit memos and chargeback invoices created.


  • Create one credit memo against multiple invoices
  • Defer the general ledger impact of the credit memo until it is reviewed or acted upon by a user.
  • Workflow approval of the Credit Memo or Chargeback invoice.
  • Non-Currency based limits for writing off small balances
  • No more than 60 deductions can be processed at a time
  • Upon using the CSV import for recording customer payments, the solution would not automatically create deduction credit memo or chargeback invoice where the payment amount is less than the amount due. The user has the option to edit the payment and initiate the deduction.
  • No more than 30 invoices will be displayed at a time in the user interface.

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