Administration & Controls Toolkit (ACT)

The Administration & Controls Toolkit SuiteSolution provides

  • Visibility into deleted records
  • Streamlined process in terminating roles and controlling access to SuiteScript folder

SuiteSolutions is a set of extensible solutions built based on best practices, designed and developed by NetSuite Professional Services. These solutions address specific business needs. SuiteSolutions can be made available as an additional bundle within your NetSuite account. To purchase SuiteSolutions contact your NetSuite sales representative or account manager.

The below key features are supported in the Administration & Controls Toolkit SuiteSolution

  • Capture audit data upon deletion of Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Item Receipt, Item Fulfillment, Journals, Intercompany Journals and Custom Records
  • Automate termination of roles that are no longer required, or when the role of an employee is updated
  • Automated process to remove employee access to sandbox accounts upon termination of access to the production account
  • Grant and revoke access to SuiteScript and SuiteBundle folders of non-administrative users for a limited time period

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