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From small businesses to international companies: reaching your goals

The scalable foundation for modern high-growth technology companies.

The Base You Need to Scale Your Business Quickly

  • The dream to have a larger company and the ability to actually enact it are two separate things. Amzur offers NetSuite’s cloud ERP/financial suite to businesses that understand that growth comes from a back-office system that is up to speed with current and future technology and budgeting tools.
  • NetSuite has helped over 1,000 startup companies scale quickly to become leading companies in the software industry.
  • NetSuite helps businesses of all sizes scale from their foundation quickly using one system by increasing efficiency, using financial and accounting tools, and allowing increased visibility all while cutting costs.

Back Office Operations Saves Time and Grows the Business

  • Don’t be afraid of business growth because of the growing complexity of processes, billing, pricing, revenue streams, and client and order management. Amzur will help you use NetSuite to keep your business organized and stress-free.
  • Old systems that worked when first launching your business start to faze out, lacking new technology and processes- that’s where NetSuite comes in. NetSuite is highly integrative and customizable, allowing for the high compatibility of growing companies. NetSuite grows with your company and aligns its technology with yours.
  • Amzur can help your business establish quote-to-contract, provision-to-bill, invoice-to-revenue recognition, and other processes with the following techniques.
    • Automated spreadsheets
    • Reduce manual entry
    • Reduce costs
    • Speed up finances
    • More control given to employers
    • Improve employee productivity

The Number One Choice for Companies Looking to Modernize

  • Manual, slow, complicated processes slow company growth and capability. Software companies need software systems that align with their growth and forward-thinking mentality. With NetSuite, companies are able to focus on their innovative ideas instead of out-of-date back-office work.
  • Amzur will help you enact NetSuite so you can be making important changes for the future. The system is highly customizable and flexible to your business needs today and in the future.

Product Features


Manage Orders

Automated processes for transactions

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Streamline Billing

Automated billing for all.

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Simplify Revenue

Revenue recognition simplification and innovation.

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Automated, quick, accurate reporting

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Manage Revenue

Optimize repeating revenue.

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Global Financials

Configure multiple different currency seamlessly.

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Lead-to-cash Automation

Integrate salesforce with existing systems

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Automate  Services

Create efficiency with finances, deliveries, and projects.

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Customizable Business

NetSuite is highly customizable to fit your business needs.

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