Restaurants and Hospitality

One System That Helps Increase Effective Operations and Transparency

Consumer preferences lead the Restaurants and Hospitality industry to adopt innovative solutions to meet demands. Consumers are more informed than ever, keeping companies accountable for sticking to their brand and growing economically, driving the need for modern technology platforms. NetSuite offers an omnichannel system for restaurants and hospitality companies to manage all resources and funds on a unified cloud platform. This covers inventory, back-office finances, marketing, sales, and more.


Real-Time Visibility

Using KPIs, dashboards, and reports to make real-time business decisions.

Eliminate Old Processes

NetSuite allows you to have all you need on one platform, letting you eliminate manual entry.

Improve Your Business

Grow your business internally, externally, and geographically by having an excellent base to start from.

Product Features

Enabling innovation around menu, technology, supply chain and overall customer experience in your business.


Point of Sale

Real-time, effective, customizable POS provides an excellent experience to customers that keep them coming back.


Inventory Management

Keep your business well-stocked by keeping an eye on supply and demand.


Supply Chain Management

Increase time efficiency while monitoring costs at all levels.


Accounting and Funds

Provide real-time insight, excellent reporting tools, and increase employee time management.



High visibility allows for smooth purchasing processes that provide cost-saving delivery.


Business Growth Management

Provide real-time transparency and effective operations at all levels and all areas of the business.

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