Non-Profit Organizations

Omnichannel, Cloud-based System to Manage Your Organization to Further Your Cause

Nonprofit organizations of all sizes and reaches face complex operational hurdles. Organization spreadsheets and organizational tools can be unorganized and confusing because there is little money for effective tools to fit the nonprofit’s custom needs.

These problems don’t just stump a nonprofit’s organization and growth, but also the reach it can have on the communities it was made to help.

With NetSuite’s business management solution, nonprofit fundraising, accounting, integral relationship management, inventory management, and more can all be done with a software solution.


Nonprofit NetSuite Benefits:

Nonprofits can increase fundraising effectiveness and gain greater accountability by automating and streamlining finances and grants by using management processes. Compare budget vs. actuals automatically to optimize projects and grants. Eliminate manual processes and improve operational effectiveness when selling products and services online and abroad.

With limited money and resources and the increasing demand for nonprofit involvement, nonprofits are looking for new ways to maximize ways to use resources to the best of their abilities. Innovative tactics can allow for correct allocation of funds, positive donor relations, positive project creation, and volunteer delegation.

By using NetSuite, hundreds of nonprofits have been able to achieve better time management. Instead of using the time to make spreadsheets, reports, and systems, NetSuite is able to all that, leaving room for nonprofit organizations to focus on their mission, goals, and long-term growth. NetSuite allows nonprofits to have a fully coordinated organization of employees, volunteers, donors, and clients in one organized system.

Nonprofits all over the world have moved from an in-house, unorganized system to NetSuite’s integrated cloud ERP, CRM, and e-commerce solution because it is shown that it reduces costs and improves operations that allow resources to be used for volunteers, fundraising, and aligning processes with the nonprofit’s goals.

Social Impact is NetSuite’s software donation and pro bono services program. This program fuels the social impact of nonprofits. Through Suite Pro Bono and Suite Capacity, NetSuite assists nonprofits worldwide to reach their goals.

Product Features


Fund Management

Establish a well-run fiscal management system that strongly helps the individual needs of your nonprofit.

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Strategy Tracking

Use Charity Navigator to make decisions off of hard data.

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Financial Accounting

NetSuite’s original and GAAP-compliant fund accounting outline lets your nonprofit manage funds from multiple streamlines– grants, expenses, etc.

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Grant Accounting

Track grants, projects, terms and conditions, and automation time by having excellent visibility and efficiency.

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Automated Reporting

Create FASB reports quickly and efficiently for executives, members, auditors, and internal accounting teams.

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Flexible, Simple Financial Organization

Use Charts and Accounts to use custom segments to fully view resource and funds.

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Get performance reports, insights, and analytics real-time from FASB compliance reporting.

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Allocation Management

Have full visibility and control over all spending by keeping individuals accountable.

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