Non-Profit Organizations

One integrated, cloud application to manage your entire organization
and accelerate your mission.

Whether your mission is helping the local community or providing international outreach to empower and educate for global causes, one thing is certain—nonprofit organizations face tremendous complexity and operational challenges. They often run a myriad of disparate applications and spreadsheets and lack tools that are affordable, effective and purpose-built to meet their unique needs.

Ultimately, this doesn’t just impair operational efficiency, it undermines the ability to make the social impact nonprofit organizations aspire to.

With NetSuite’s unified business management solution, nonprofit organizations can manage their entire end-to-end operations with a single, flexible and powerful business application—integrating nonprofit accounting, fundraising, constituent relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory management, e-commerce and more.



  • Improve operational effectiveness by seamlessly integrating development and fund accounting for a single version of the truth.
  • Optimize project and grant initiatives by gaining real-time visibility into budgets vs. actuals for improved decision making.
  • Achieve greater accountability by automating and streamlining fund accounting and grants management processes.
  • Increase fundraising effectiveness and achieve a 360-degree view of constituents.
  • Drive e-commerce revenue by selling products and services online, accept funding from donors and build engaging, collaborative social communities.
  • Eliminate manual processes and free up valuable resources to pursue programs that better serve their mission.
  • Streamline global operations and take advantage of global financial consolidation and multi-currency transactions for operations abroad.

With tight budgets, limited resources, rising demand and increased competition for funding, nonprofit organizations are looking for innovative ways to maximize resources for long-term success and survival—make better use of volunteers, strengthen connections with existing donors, solicit new supporters and create projects that generate additional sources of income.

Successful nonprofit organizations understand that effective use of business technology has a major influence on their ability to manage costs, grow their resources and achieve social impact. And they are increasingly investing in new technologies—and cloud-based solutions—to help them amplify these efforts

Hundreds of nonprofits including foundations, associations and service-based organizations have turned to NetSuite for help in growing resources and reducing costs. With fewer systems and more integration between them, resources that were once spent on activities like creating spreadsheets and assembling reports with cumbersome systems have been reinvested towards programs that better serve their missions. And with a 360-degree view of each volunteer, donor, and client, nonprofits gain a single coordinated effort across the organization and are able to better target and engage each constituent, building life-long relationships and growing the support needed for long-term success.

Hundreds of nonprofit organizations around the world have moved from fragmented on-premise systems to NetSuite’s integrated cloud ERP, CRM, and e-commerce solution that is proven to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and free up resources that are better-spent fund-raising, recruiting volunteers and making a difference.

Social Impact, our software donation and pro bono services program, leverages the company’s assets—our people and our products—to accelerate the social impact of nonprofits and social enterprises around the world. Through our unique initiatives, including software donations, Suite Pro Bono and Suite Capacity, we are supporting organizations worldwide to better achieve their missions.

Product Features



Gain efficiencies with a powerful nonprofit fiscal management system built to meet the unique needs of your nonprofit.

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Create a culture of data driven decision-making using Charity Navigator™ recommended scorecards for program metrics that matter.

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Explore NetSuite’s innovative and GAAP-compliant fund accounting framework that allows your nonprofit to manage diverse revenue streams, correlate revenue sources to expense transactions, and accurately manage fund restrictions and grant requirements.

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Elevate efficiency and visibility into the grant lifecycle. Track terms and conditions, automate time and expense tracking, track many projects to many grants and manage expenses across multiple years.

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Create FASB reports on the fly. Easy and configurable compliance reporting for executive leadership, board members, external auditors, and accounting teams.

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Streamline your organization’s Chart of Accounts using predefined GL custom segments to achieve complete visibility into the source and use of funds.

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From FASB compliance reporting, to role-based metrics and analytics, to insight and decision-making, gain a more complete picture of your nonprofit’s performance, on-demand and in real-time.

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Ensure full accountability and stewardship of funds and gain complete control and visibility over total spend.

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