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Case study – Netsuite OpenAir at Amzur


As one of the best ERP solutions for services organizations, NetSuite OpenAir has always been our premier choice for transforming client services and operations – from resource & project management to project accounting and expense management. NetSuite OpenAir’s PSA software provided us with real-time visibility and ubiquitous access for all users, customers and partners. With experience gained from this deployment, we now stand proudly behind every claim we make while delivering the ERP transformation services to our customers.

The implementation at Amzur

With over 4 years of successful operations, the main highlights of our NetSuite + OpenAir implementation are:

Consolidation of financial statements from various entities with ability to manage multiple currencies.

Contract management - Track renewable assets and maximize renewal revenue by automating renewals using a flexible and effective process.

Dunning management - Using the Dunning dashboard, Dunning Management can monitor the accounts' current dunning state. The system notes provide a record of every automated and manual action concerning the dunning process.

Revenue forecasting - With Sales order revenue forecasting and Project management features, you can forecast revenue from variable schedules, such as revenue from projects, on sales orders and return authorizations.

Bank reconciliation -Reconcile your bank statement against your bank account register to keep your NetSuite account accurate.

Automation and optimization of critical workflows for sales, procurement, account receivables, project management, and much more.

Integration with third party platforms for payment processing, digital signature management, etc.

Universal access from laptop/ desktop browsers as well as a fully-functional mobile app.

Unified back-office platform, between OpenAir and finance, inventory, billing, revenue recognition, project management.

Analytics and Reporting - In order to help users make better, quicker decisions, NetSuite analytics and reporting features offer customizable querying tools, role-based dashboards, operational reports, KPIs.

Single-pane-of-glass view into all projects and resources, resulting into better utilization of resources and greatly improved project management.


Benefits delivered to our customers

Customer are able to receive quotes/ proposals up to 40% faster than before.

Customers gain real-time visibility into ongoing projects and no longer have to depend upon requesting information manually. Extensive automation also ensuring timely delivery of reports.

Automated workflows ensure accurate & timely billing, with up to 70% reduction in time for generation of invoices.

Real-time dashboards and indicators now make it possible to spot projects at risk of budget overages, well ahead in time. This allows better mitigation and risk management.

Integration of accounting and billing systems with external payment gateways makes it easy for managing payments across multiple currencies.