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Business Transformation

Business transformation with Cloud-based ERP

In the good old days, ERP software was expensive to own, often installed on-premise and its deployment was a time consuming, painful process. ERP systems have since come a long way – the cloud has not only made them accessible to every organization from small manufacturing companies to large multi-national corporations, but cloud-based ERP platforms now offer much higher benefits as compared to traditional ERP deployments models. These include:

Significantly easy to deploy, and customers no longer need months of waiting for an on-premise installation, but instead can be up and running in a matter of days.

Shift from CapEx to OpEx models where you only pay for subscription fees and can also do away with investment on server hardware.

Zero maintenance, as both hardware and the ERP platform as are completely managed by the service provider.

Highly optimized ROI due to the combination of an OpEx model and zero maintenance costs.

Seamless connectivity to 3rd party Cloud services through API-based connectivity, delivering a plethora of features for end-users, partners, and customers.

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Our own success story

Amzur has been an industry pioneer in adopting Cloud ERP and over the years we have built a comprehensive practice of NetSuite experts spread across 3 continents. Our own success in deploying NetSuite and OpenAir in-house has been a constant source of innovation and value that we have since delivered to over 200 happy customers.

The benefits that Amzur has realized from NetSuite + OpenAir include:

40% reduction in time taken to deliver quotes/ proposals to customers.

70% reduction in time to invoice.

Extensive dashboarding experience that helps us provide a ‘single-pane-of-glass’ across all customer projects.

Extensive experience in enabling Business Transformation for services oriented organizations.

Deep functional domain expertise, eg. Accounting & finance, CRM, Procurement, Contract & project management.

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The Amzur Advantage

At Amzur, we go beyond mere ERP implementation. We focus on helping you achieve your business goals, by translating your business priorities into technology strategy and IT actions.

ERP Transformation with NetSuite

Our NetSuite service offerings

Advisory & consulting services

Maximize the potential of your ERP with Amzur’s expert guidance and co-development of your strategy, combined with our NetSuite managed services for ongoing optimization and NetSuite health checkup for improved business processes.

Implementation services

Achieve a fast and comprehensive implementation of your ERP with Amzur’s SuiteSuccess methodology, backed by over 200 successful implementations globally and implementation teams in 5 countries: USA, Guatemala, Turkey, Egypt, and India.

SuiteApp development services

Amzur can help you develop your own SuiteApps. These are applications that extend NetSuite functionalities and features for the specific industry or business needs.


Amzur can help you develop your own SuiteApps. These are applications that extend NetSuite functionalities and features for the specific industry or business needs.

Case Studies

Accelerating sales and manufacturing operations for a Shutter manufacturing company

accelerate sales and manufacturing operations for provider of storm and security shutters

Amzur helped a manufacturing company to enhance operations by deploying NetSuite based automation for sales operations, inventory management, production tracking, as well as real-time financial reporting

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Custom warehouse management system on NetSuite improves inventory management

Customized warehouse management system on NetSuite improves inventory management and helps reduce cost

The Amzur team developed a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) based on SuiteScript, with inbuilt APIs for integration with their existing NetSuite installation.

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Trade promotion management with NetSuite SuiteApps


A SuiteApp solution developed natively in NetSuite, for the Consumer Goods Consulting Group (CG2). It enables end-to-end management of trade promotion activities, and bridges the gap between company trade spending and customer deductions.

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NetSuite for inventory management & integration

Amzur helped the Agricultural Mfg. & Textiles Inc. (AMT) to revamp their eCommerce operations by integrating with a comprehensive inventory management platform on NetSuite. The solution improved sales substantially due to higher customer satisfaction.

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