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We offer different engagement models depending on the client needs.

  • Home Extended

    Primarily, you are looking for a qualified, cost-effective and scalable IT human resource option, at a stupendously tight schedule

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  • Home IT Staffing

    What is the single most important factor that defines the eventual outcome of any business venture? The people involved in the project, of course. Hiring the right people, to perform the most fundamental tasks, could spell the difference between a successful execution and a costly rethink!

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  • Home Custom App

    The application development industry has seen numerous changes over the years. Apart from accommodating customer’s expectations, the changes were also in terms of the architecture, language and platform(s) being used to develop customer-centric solutions.

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Case Studies

GreatPercent Case Story

September 3, 2018|0 Over the past decade, our world – and particularly the world of house hunters and sellers – has become increasingly dependent on digital technology.More and more, consumers are going online to look for information from listing syndicators like Zillow, Trulia and others. The internet has become a standard tool used when buying and selling a [...] GreatPercent Case Story

Qualityze Builds A World-Class Enterprise Quality Management Solution With Amzur

March 6, 2019|0 Qualityze, a cloud-based technology solution provider specializes in providing enterprise quality management systems (EQMS) for small, medium and enterprise customers, collaborated with Amzur Technologies to develop Quality Management Application suite on SFDC ( AppExchange platform. Download Your Study The case study will be sent to your email   Submit var MXLandingPageId = '3f4a2456-4009-11e9-b5cc-065cc7e2d7e2'; Qualityze Builds A World-Class Enterprise Quality  Management Solution With Amzur

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Extended team management has been the buzzing word in Global software development fraternity. Many start-ups across the globe will be at the crossroads in selecting suitable workforce.

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