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Amazon Web Services (AWS) have already stepped into the NoSQL database domain and competing with MongoDB by adding JSON documents support to DynamoDB. Several web apps prefer JSON format for serving data in a machine readable manner. DynamoDB is chosen for its speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The modern web-based applications often face database scaling difficulties with the growth of customers, data as well as traffic. So, with the help of Amazon DynamoDB NoSQL Database Service, developers scaling cloud based applications can store data on Solid State Drives and reproduce it across numerous AWS availability zones for offering integrated accessibility and durability.

Let’s check out the top 3 reasons for choosing AWS & NoSQL:

Offers seamless scalability  – Simple DB APIs could not provide seamless scalability of customer demand and they assume all items attributes to be indexed automatically. Hence the performance of SimpleDB gets limited. However, with the new NoSQL service – Amazon DynamoDB, the developers can combine incremental scalability and predictable high performance with the ease of cloud administration, reliability and table data model and thus can meet the consumer demand. It can scale the table resources to thousands of servers on numerous Availability Zones for meeting storage need. Besides, there is no specific limit to the quantity of data that a table can store. As a result, any amount of data can be stored and retrieved and Dynamo DB spreads data across more servers with the increase of data stored in a table.
Manages data without complications – Data management is a serious problem with the traditional SQL. Developers had to keep provisions for hardware and software set up and construct a distributed database cluster for managing cluster operations. But with DynamoDB, the developers don’t have to face difficulties for scaling, partitioning, and re-partitioning data. The data gets automatically replicated and re-replicated for meeting stringent accessibility and durability. Since DynamoDB is a managed service, the developers can manage NoSQL installation on their own without making it compulsory for getting the job done by experts.
Provides high output at low potential – By using traditional SQL, all attributes need to be indexed and for which the cost of reading and writing operations increased steadily. Nevertheless, with DynamoDB NoSQL high output is offered at the low potential. Constructed on Solid State Drives, it optimizes high performance at high scale.  Besides, it doesn’t necessitate indexing all attributes for which the reading and writing costs remain low. The low cost is because the write operations require updating the primary key index, thus decreasing the potential of reading and writing jobs. Another significant aspect is the predictability of DynamoDB. Even with the increase in data, latencies continue to be steady owing to DynamoDB’s distributed data placement.
Amazon DynamoDB maintains high performance and cost efficiency for every kind of internet applications – be it small or huge. Today, businesses are increasingly switching to NoSQL. However, if the size of your organization and existing database is large, the change could be a bit time-consuming.  It’s always good if you plan in advance and organize your task properly for ensuring a smoother transition for your organization. Choose Amzur’s AWS & NoSQL services.