Advanced Approvals

Overview of Functionality

SuiteSolutions – Advanced Approvals provides a configurable framework to define approval rules and a consistent approval process for the following transaction types in the NetSuite Service: Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Vendor Bills, Expense Reports, Sales Orders, and Journal Entries.

  • Approval rules can be configured with a number of approver types that include Supervisor, Employee, Role, and Department Approver, Employee Hierarchy, Parallel Approver or a Dynamic Approver type where an approver can be sourced from another linked record to the transaction.
  • Approval rule triggers based on the transaction amount.
  • Multiple levels of approval rules can be defined and made specific to a subsidiary.
  • Capture a rejection reason.
  • Ability to specify a delegated approver who can approve for the time period when the approver is out
    of office.
  • Ability to approve or reject multiple transactions at a time using bulk approvals.
  • Email notifications to approvers with inline links to approve or Reject.
  • Email notifications to requester when a transaction is Rejected or Approved (all approvers have
  • Setup tolerance limits for amount updates (% or fixed) and the approval process is re-initiated for
    updates beyond the tolerance limits.
  • View approval history on transactions. .
  • Option to specify a super approver to expedite approval process.
  • Transactions created from CSV import are automatically submitted for approval.


  • Delegation is not available for role-based approvals.
  • Approval rules can only trigger in sequential order.
  • Approvals are for the entire transaction.
  • Users cannot approve /reject transactions using NetSuite Mobile applications.
  • All standard NetSuite Service usage and governance limits apply.

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