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Cloud-based business management and sales automation platform

Services Offered: Cloud Native Development, QA Testing

Industry: IT/Software


MAPS Technologies identified gaps in end-to-end business management and sales automation and collaborated with Amzur to build an interactive AWS cloud-based platform with intuitive features that can help Economic Development Organizations and membership management organizations as well as small businesses right from lead acquisition to nurturing, while eliminating manual intervention and extensive paperwork by 40%.

Client Overview

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MAPS Technologies provides cloud-based end-to-end business management and sales automation solutions including multi-channel communication, lead management, membership management, project proposal generation, on-demand analytics, CRE data collection, and an integrated CRM platform built for Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce, and Nonprofit Organizations. They collaborated with Amzur to build a cloud-based platform that is secure and scalable.


Maps Technologies wanted to launch a new SaaS service in the US market that would allow its customers to manage the Lead process across multiple states.

Maps Technologies came to DNM as their product was nearing its initial release but the choice of the right public cloud platform was not finalized.

They needed a partner that could assist with a SaaS delivery model that would provide a technical landscape with the necessary resilience, scalability, security, compliance, and deployment capabilities to deliver a service that would enable their mission of delivering a global processing service.


Using the concepts from the AWS SaaS enablement Framework and the AWS well-Architected Framework, we could identify clear business reasons for adopting AWS services to host the solution.

Our solutions include enhancing their existing platform by adopting the Amazon Elastic Container (AEC) service to provide the orchestration services for their docker microservices on the AWS cloud. The DNM Managed Service delivers a complete solution that enables required agility while ensuring necessary security, audit, and compliance controls.

AWS Services:

AWS VPN establishes a secure and private tunnel from the on-premises data center to the AWS global network.

Amazon Route 53 is a Domain Name Server (DNS), which routes global traffic to the application using Elastic Load Balancing.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) sets up a logically isolated, virtual network where the application can run securely.

Application Load Balancer is a product of Elastic Load Balancing, which load balances HTTP/HTTPS applications and uses layer 7-specific features, like port and URL prefix routing for containerized applications.

Other AWS services include:


Relational Database Service

Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka






Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Amazon CloudWatch

AWS Lambda

NAT gateways

Ensuring Quality of MAPS Platform

To ensure efficiency and high precision performance of MAPS application, we adopted a risk-based agile testing strategy powered by cloud-based testing tools. We used tools like SonarQube/SonarLint to inspect the source code for bugs, typos, and syntax errors, and LambdaTest cloud-based testing tools. Along with them, we used the JIRA bug tracking tool to track all the bugs while the software was running.


Amzur successfully launched the SaaS solution on the cloud and allowed MAPS technologies to immediately onboard customers without compromising despite aggressive timescales.

They could continue to market and win new business from large enterprises that demand the highest standards that have been inbuilt into their platform from launch.

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