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NextGen Testing Services


The software development process has changed dramatically over the past years — and so have testing methodologies. While manual testing is still necessary, innovations such as automation and artificial intelligence can perform tests faster, cheaper, and more effectively. Our NextGen testing services augment and improve upon traditional and proven methods to deliver you optimized software and a faster path to market. We can help with:

Artificial intelligence that improves software accuracy and saves time and money

Automated functional, GUI, sanity, database, API/Web services, regression, and mobile app testing

Framework development programming languages such as C#, .Net, Cucumber, Java, Python

Planning, designing, identification, and prioritization of test cases, and decision-making for test case automation

Scheduled script execution for every build deployment

Automated testing tools and tests that are resistant to user interface changes


Accelerate your digital transformation by using NextGen methods for highly optimized testing of new application. We offer end-to-end testing – from test consulting to usability testing, and all the way to complete product testing.

Meet with a testing expert and know more about how Amzur can help you develop high-performance applications.


Increase your speed to market using fast, reliable, and cost-efficient testing services, either on-demand or full-service.


Optimize software to ensure performance, security, usability, and accessibility — and do it faster than ever before.


Validate your software is functioning and free up your time to complete other value-added tasks.


Combine traditional and proven testing methods with next-generation technology such as AI and boost your development process.

What We Do

Amzur’s mission is one of mutual success. We deliver holistic talent strategies, customer-centric consulting services, and a future-forward path for our clients.

Expert consulting services to help you identify testing requirements, strategies and milestones for success

Full lifecycle testing that frees you to focus on business innovation

A workforce across three continents to provide you with a 24x7 dev & test environment

Consult, plan, and implement at size and scale

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