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Accelerating Quality and Efficiency: Trxade’s Agile Transformation with Amzur’s QA engagement

Services Offered: Quality engineering services

Industry: Healthcare Tech

Client Overview

Headquartered in Tampa Bay (Florida), Trxade is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions that simplify and streamline the purchasing, selling and distribution of pharmaceuticals as well as other healthcare-related products and services. The platform connects independent pharmacies, pharmaceutical suppliers, and healthcare providers in a cost-effective, efficient and secure manner, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Being an online marketplace platform, technology is at the core of the services that are delivered by the company. The application development team at Trxade operates at a rapid pace to continuously deliver new features, updates, fixes and patches. Yet, this rapid pace was creating its own set of problems, that included:

Difficulty in managing and deploying the frequent product builds

Incomplete & infrequent tracking of the in-scope and out-of-scope items for product releases

Delays and disruptions due to incorrect estimation efforts and

Inadequate testing efforts that often led to product releases having to be sent back for re-testing

Solution and Strategy

Amzur helped Trxade establish a robust and agile delivery methodology that incorporated highly systematic and stringent Quality Assurance (QA) processes that are successfully deployed in every project and go into action even before the application development starts. The product release process now includes mandatory steps that are executed and audited by our QA team. The new processes ensure

Documentation of clear and detailed user stories and requirements, and the final acceptance criteria for each project/ sprint

Precise estimation of project scope and required efforts are done before initiation of the project

Well-documented capture of all change requests received during development phases

Impact analysis on development as a result of the change requests

Furthermore, the Amzur team introduced QA Automation that helped reduce the time spent on manual testing of the application releases. This involved designing an automation framework and test suites, as well as implementing sprint-wise automation suite execution, complete with detailed reports on functional issues.


Improved Product Quality

Implementation of comprehensive quality assurance procedures has resulted in a 20% improvement in product quality, ensuring that the delivered products consistently meet and exceed specified acceptance standards.

Faster time to market

Trxade now has the ability to deploy product builds more efficiently, resulting in a remarkable 30% reduction in time to market for new features, updates, fixes, and patches.

Cost Savings

Automating the manual testing process has reduced time spent on manual testing, resulting in 40% reduction in testing costs.

Increased efficiency

The automation of the testing process and the introduction of QA Automation have helped Trxade streamline their delivery methodology, resulting in a smoother, more efficient product release process.

Enhanced collaboration

Amzur has helped to establish a highly collaborative and communicative work environment for Trxade, which has led to better communication and collaboration among the development, QA, and business teams.

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