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Enhancing App Performance and User Experience for Fluid Truck

Services Offered: QA testing

Industry: Transportation & Logistics


Fluid Truck, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a pioneering peer-to-peer truck-sharing platform. It offers convenient 24/7 mobile access to a diverse range of trucks, vans, and SUVs. Catering to a wide array of small and medium-sized businesses across the U.S., Fluid Truck empowers its users to build flexible and cost-effective fleets, manage employee schedules on the fly, and ensure safe operations with features like GPS tracking and roadside assistance.

The Challenge

Upon a comprehensive review of the Fluid Truck app, several challenges were identified:

Slow Upload Speed: Users experienced delays in uploading data.

Large App Size: A substantial volume of images led to an oversized app.

Customer Abandonment: These issues caused customer drop-offs.

The Solution

Amzur undertook the project and implemented the following effective solutions

Issue Identification: Amzur's team conducted a thorough evaluation, pinpointing high-level defects in functionality and UI/UX.

Real-time Resolution: Swift attention was given to issues as they emerged, with constant reporting for timely rectification.

Comprehensive Testing: Rigorous regression cycles and UI testing were carried out across both web and mobile platforms.

Performance Optimization: Steps were taken to enhance upload speed and trim app size while maintaining optimal quality.

Testing Phases

Phase 1:  Test Case Development and Exploratory Testing

Creation of exhaustive test cases covering UI/UX and functional aspects.

In-depth exploratory testing to unveil latent issues beyond standard cases.

Jira was utilized for meticulous issue tracking and resolution.

Phase 2: Regression Testing on Web and Mobile Platforms

Thorough regression testing on web and mobile interfaces (Android and iOS).

Jira served as a platform for consistent updates, maintaining transparent communication.

Jira served as a platform for consistent updates, maintaining transparent communication.

Results / Benefits

Following the implementation of solutions and comprehensive testing, remarkable benefits were observed:

Strengthened Customer Base: The positive ROI impact fostered a more robust customer base across the U.S.

App Store Prominence: The app secured enhanced visibility on both Play Store and App Store due to its improved performance.

Customer Base Expansion: Bug fixes during release cycles contributed to a substantial 15% increase in the customer base.

Increased ROI: The refined user experience led to an impressive 10-15% upsurge in clients' Return on Investment (ROI).


Amzur’s QA testing intervention adeptly tackled Fluid Truck’s challenges, yielding a marked improvement in app performance, user experience, and ROI. This project underscored the pivotal role of thorough testing in amplifying the success of digital platforms. Fluid Truck’s dedication to providing accessible on-demand commercial vehicle rentals via a user-centric app aligns seamlessly with its vision of streamlining vehicle rental for businesses and individuals, embodying convenience, accessibility, and efficiency.

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