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The distinction between “hard” and “soft” ROI is also important. Hard ROI refers to conventional returns that are simple to quantify financially, such as additional income or cost savings. For instance, following the implementation of their systems, NetSuite ERP customers have seen an improvement in the order process efficiency of 40% to 60% and a reduction in reporting times of 40% to 55%, both of which are directly measurable in dollars and thus fall under the category of hard ROI. Soft ROI, on the other hand, refers to intangible benefits such an increase in employee morale or better brand equity with clients. Both of these benefits can have an immense impact on a business’s bottom line, but the exact dollar value of their contribution is less clear.

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Amzur Powered by NetSuite

Amzur has been an industry pioneer in adopting Cloud ERP and over the years we have built a comprehensive practice with 50+ NetSuite experts spread across 3 continents. Our own success in deploying NetSuite and OpenAir inhouse has been a constant source of innovation and value that we have since delivered to many happy customers.

The benefits that Amzur has realized from NetSuite + OpenAir include:

Substantial reduction in time taken to deliver quotes/ proposals to customers

Improved visibility & forecasting of resource utilization

Better productivity of field resources as they have access to a mobile app for recording & submitting time and expense details

Extensive automation reduces manual preparation of reports, while ensuring timely delivery to customers

Extensive automation reduces manual preparation of reports, while ensuring timely delivery to customers

70% reduction in time for generation of invoices, as a result of automated workflows

Deep functional & domain expertise, eg. accounting & finance, CRM, procurement, contract & project management

Extensive experience in deploying customized business process workflows such as lead-to-cash, procure-to-pay, etc.

Real-time visibility into all customer projects at Amzur. Users can get instant updates on project status, billing, budgeting, revenue realization, and much more

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NetSuite service offerings

Amzur’s NetSuite experts can help you craft the right strategy for your cloud transformation journey. Our consultants have both the functional and technical industry domain knowledge and can translate your business goals into an implementation plan.

With over 200 successful NetSuite deployments under our belt, the team at Amzur has extensive industry experience that cuts across multiple verticals, from Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale and Distribution, High-tech and products.

To ensure success of every project we leverage the expertise of multiple Centers Of Excellence (COE). The COEs have a dedicated focus on providing cost-effective and comprehensive approaches for designing the right architecture, integration, and processes that your organization needs.

Achieve higher ROI, streamlined compliance, stakeholder satisfaction by leveraging our Finance COE expertise, with offerings that include services for Planning and Budgeting, Office of CFO, and IPO readiness.

SuiteSuccess methodology leverages productised domain knowledge, industry leading practices, KPIs and an agile approach to product adoption. The benefits of this are faster zero to cloud adoption, increased business efficiency, flexibility and greater customer success.

Amzur’s NetSuite experts are located across USA, India, Guatemala & Egypt, allowing you to choose from on-shore, near-shore, offshore, or even hybrid support models that best suit your requirements and budgets. A diverse workforce also enables us to provide additional NetSuite services such as Spanish-speaking consultants and localization services for your deployment.

NetSuite OpenAir is one of the best solutions for services organizations. It provides real-time visibility and universal access to all users, customers, and partners. Our expertise on OpenAir has been built on the success of a large deployment at Amzur, and has been growing over successful deployments for customers.

NetSuite health check is an In-depth analysis of the business process areas, configurations, workflows, scripts and integration. We will provide the customer with a success document.

Case Studies

Accelerating sales and manufacturing operations for a Shutter manufacturing company

accelerate sales and manufacturing operations for provider of storm and security shutters

Amzur helped a manufacturing company to enhance operations by deploying NetSuite based automation for sales operations, inventory management, production tracking, as well as real-time financial reporting

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Custom warehouse management system on NetSuite improves inventory management

Customized warehouse management system on NetSuite improves inventory management and helps reduce cost

The Amzur team developed a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) based on SuiteScript, with inbuilt APIs for integration with their existing NetSuite installation.

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Trade promotion management with NetSuite SuiteApps


A SuiteApp solution developed natively in NetSuite, for the Consumer Goods Consulting Group (CG2). It enables end-to-end management of trade promotion activities, and bridges the gap between company trade spending and customer deductions.

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NetSuite for inventory management & integration

Amzur helped the Agricultural Mfg. & Textiles Inc. (AMT) to revamp their eCommerce operations by integrating with a comprehensive inventory management platform on NetSuite. The solution improved sales substantially due to higher customer satisfaction.

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