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Development Services for IoT-based Systems


Cutting-edge IoT solutions

Bring connectivity to already deployed devices, quickly prototype cloud-based IoT platforms, and create the next -generation of connected devices. Our Internet of Things and hyperautomation capabilities can move your business future-forward with innovations such as smart energy management, customized apps, smart building and facility upgrades, and monitoring and management abilities. We can help with:

Creating customized next-generation connected devices

Identifying the right partners for your IoT platforms

Installing submetering and optimizing energy

Providing corporate sustainability and resource monitoring

Improving indoor and outdoor environmental quality

Implementing smart electric vehicle charging platforms

Combining data with existing enterprise systems

Developing business applications

Onboarding groups, users, and devices

Monitoring and managing devices and business at our Operations center


Amzur can help you bring together the capabilities of IoT, AI, ML and business workflows to create customized solutions for requirements such as data analytics, supply chain management and optimization, predictive maintenance, optimization of manufacturing processes, automated security, and so much more. Our goal is to support your success in your digital transformation journey.


Bridge data with automation to create resilient, healthy, and sustainable living spaces and workplaces.


Track resource demand and monitor assets, energy, efficiency, and so much more with customized information management systems.


Transform energy management and system efficiency with IoT-based systems.


Save the environment with optimized energy usage while saving on operational costs.

What We Do

At Amzur we understand that every customer is unique and so are your business requirements. With that in mind, our methodology is to work with you as your growth partner.

Consulting services for IoT

Architecting the perfect solution for your unique requirements

ROI analysis and prediction at every milestone that ensure all business and IT goals are met

Constant monitoring and measurement to keep projects on track

Implementing smart, efficient business processes

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