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Managed Testing Services

Revolutionize Your Quality Assurance with Amzur’s Managed Testing Services

In a landscape marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving digital expectations, the quality and reliability of your applications are crucial. Amzur’s Managed Testing Services offer a strategic approach to quality assurance, ensuring your digital solutions exceed industry standards and user expectations.

Unleash Innovation with Amzur Software Product Development Services


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Deliver flawless digital experiences that delight your users and boost customer satisfaction.

Faster Time-to-Market

With our efficient testing processes and automation capabilities, accelerate your development cycle and get your products to market faster.

Lower Costs

Reduce the cost of quality assurance and defect management by leveraging our optimized testing strategies and expertise.

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

Lay the foundation for success. Our strategic approach to testing ensures comprehensive coverage and alignment with your business objectives.

Secure and reliable data for testing. We manage test data to ensure accuracy and relevance, enhancing the quality of your testing processes.

Ensure your applications do what they’re supposed to do. Our functional testing services validate each feature against your requirements.

Speed and stability under pressure. We assess how your applications perform under various conditions to ensure they meet your performance criteria.

Safeguard your applications. Our security testing uncovers vulnerabilities, protecting your applications from threats and breaches.

Accelerate your testing cycle. Our automation solutions increase efficiency, reduce manual effort, and speed up the release process.

Excellence on every screen. We ensure your applications deliver a seamless user experience across all mobile devices and platforms.

Seamless integration and functionality. Our API testing services validate the logic, reliability, and performance of your application interfaces.

Universal usability. We ensure your digital products are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

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Tailored Testing Excellence for Unparalleled Success

At Amzur, our Managed Testing Services are meticulously crafted to your unique needs. Whether launching new applications, undergoing digital transformation, or enhancing existing products, our experts deliver tailored testing strategies. Comprehensive capabilities, cutting-edge methodologies, and industry best practices accelerate time-to-market, reduce costs, and maintain your competitive edge. Partner with Amzur for tailored testing excellence, driving customer satisfaction, higher quality, and unparalleled success.

Unleash Innovation with Amzur Software Product Development Services

Case studies

Modernized Khameleon’s ERP Application for Office Furniture dealers

Application modernization helped Khameleon improve its profits by 25%.

Khameleon upgraded its application to an N-Tier architecture and built an integrated platform using customized ERP tools and Oracle Technologies to make order management seamless and improve their profit margin by 25%.

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Managing PIM Infrastructure On AWS Cloud to optimize operational and maintenance costs

Managing PIM infrastructure on AWS cloud

Scaled eTeki’s AWS cloud-based virtual interviewing platform to handle more than 1000 interviews and leveraged ML for Product Information Management while ensuring its quality through risk-based agile testing. Thus, accelerating its time-to-market by 80%.

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Cloud-based business management and sales automation platform

Cloud based platform for business management

Developed and enhanced the integrated EDO platform to ensure end-to-end business management and sales automation through AWS cloud and achieved high precision performance by leveraging cloud testing tools.

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