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Managed Infrastructure Services

Elevate Your IT with Amzur’s Managed Infrastructure Services

In an era where technology is at the heart of business operations, ensuring your IT infrastructure’s reliability, performance, and security is paramount. At Amzur, we specialize in elevating your IT operations through our Managed Infrastructure Services. Our expertise spans comprehensive management and optimization of both on-premises and cloud-based environments, designed to keep your infrastructure at its peak.

Unleash Innovation with Amzur Software Product Development Services


Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Availability

Ensure high availability and operational efficiency of your IT infrastructure, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Cost-Effectiveness and Performance Optimization

Achieve a balance between cost savings and optimized performance, enabling businesses to leverage technology investments fully.

Scalability and Flexibility

Effortlessly scale IT operations in response to business growth or changing market demands, providing the agility needed to stay competitive.

Robust Security and Compliance

Maintain the highest standards of security and compliance to protect business operations and sensitive data from emerging threats.

What we do

Continuously monitor IT infrastructure to detect and swiftly address issues, ensuring stable operations.

Analyze and plan IT resource allocation to efficiently meet current and future demands.

Streamline asset management and leverage automation to enhance IT operations’ efficiency and reliability.

Optimize cloud environments for cost, performance, and security, ensuring businesses leverage the full potential of cloud technology.

Implement comprehensive security measures and ensure compliance with relevant regulations across cloud platforms.

Manage complex multi-cloud environments and develop robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Outsource IT functions such as support, application development, and network management to focus on core business activities.

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Why Choose Amzur?

Tailored IT Infrastructure Excellence for Your Success

At Amzur, our Managed Infrastructure Services are meticulously tailored to your unique needs. With expertise spanning on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, we deliver customized solutions that optimize performance, enhance security, and ensure future-readiness. Partner with us for tailored IT infrastructure excellence, empowering your business with robust, scalable, and secure operations – the foundation for sustained growth and competitive advantage.

Unleash Innovation with Amzur Software Product Development Services

Case studies

Modernized Khameleon’s ERP Application for Office Furniture dealers

Application modernization helped Khameleon improve its profits by 25%.

Khameleon upgraded its application to an N-Tier architecture and built an integrated platform using customized ERP tools and Oracle Technologies to make order management seamless and improve their profit margin by 25%.

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Managing PIM Infrastructure On AWS Cloud to optimize operational and maintenance costs

Managing PIM infrastructure on AWS cloud

Scaled eTeki’s AWS cloud-based virtual interviewing platform to handle more than 1000 interviews and leveraged ML for Product Information Management while ensuring its quality through risk-based agile testing. Thus, accelerating its time-to-market by 80%.

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Cloud-based business management and sales automation platform

Cloud based platform for business management

Developed and enhanced the integrated EDO platform to ensure end-to-end business management and sales automation through AWS cloud and achieved high precision performance by leveraging cloud testing tools.

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