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The Human Resources (HR) team is the most crucial department in any organization. Regardless of the size, the HR department provides tremendous value to an organization in handling complex employee issues and tech talent hiring. 

With effective and customized talent acquisition strategies, the HR department can enhance the talent pool and bring in the best skilled employees to meet the evolving business needs. Whenever a position is open, the HR team will identify candidates, screen them, and make the final hires. 


As a leading tech IT staffing company, Amzur always has a clear understanding of market trends and the struggles of small businesses. The business owners we interact with often say — we’ve been so busy, it’s hard to find time to hire anyone — but we need help.

Sam Velu, Director of Key Accounts, eTeki

These days, however, establishing an internal team of hiring experts has become a challenge for many small and mid-sized businesses – further making the hiring process more complicated. 

Filling a position is directly related to the productivity and delivery of the project. Conversely, delays in hiring often lead to the missing of top talent and disrupt the entire process. Therefore, a qualified HR team is instrumental in the success of a company.

Know the significance of meeting project deadlines.

Do you have a project in hand and unsure about what resources to hire to make it flawless and futuristic? Get in touch with Amzur’s talent acquisition experts today for free consultation and skills gap analysis.  

What if you don’t have an internal HR team and struggle through some hardships in tech talent hiring? Let’s have a look at some best ways to recruit talent without an HR team.

Tech talent hiring without an internal HR team: Best ways you can leverage to hire talent

1. Quality job posting: Hiring great talent starts with attracting the right talent

The quality of applicants depends on the quality of the job description. Yes, a well-crafted and inclusive job description attracts the right candidate’s attention and saves your time from filtering the applications. So, it is imperative to know what resources you’re missing and the skills you need to accomplish the task. 

Furthermore, a hiring manager can help you craft the job description. Above all, make sure your job descriptions don’t alienate women and people of color.    

2. Leverage social media: Find talent with the right attitude

Social media is one of the predominant platforms to hire talent now. If you don’t have an internal HR team, it is advisable to tap the potentiality of social media platforms to reach and nurture candidates. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for tech talent hiring.

Apart from the talent search, you can also check a candidate’s social behavior and can decide whether he is the right fit for you. If you observe the recent trends in LinkedIn talent solutions, there is a growing demand for on-demand or contract hiring amid pandemic.

The recent LinkedIn research shows that job seekers are more likely to work in SMBs due to various reasons, including, promotions, challenging tasks, and learning curve.

3. Encourage employee referrals: Bring the best fit on board

It is one of the simple yet powerful ways of tech talent hiring for your company. As most of the employees are active on social media and other professional networks, your employees can help you find the best talent within their network. 

Surprisingly, it is evident that companies with employee referral hiring strategies could get better talent on board compared to the traditional hiring process.  

Employee referral can benefit you in three ways. 

  1. It boosts employee morale.
  2. It considerably reduces the vetting time – thus allowing you to focus on revenue generation models.  
  3. Employee referrals can help you get culture fits.

45% of employees sourced from employee referrals stay for longer than 4 years, and only 25% of employees sourced through job boards stay for over 2 years. [LinkedIn]

4. Outsourcing staffing needs: A sought-after solution for small to medium enterprises (SMEs)

IT staff outsourcing is not new to many companies across the globe. It does have a renewed interest from industries that never outsourced even the most complex and compliance-driven processes let alone the less complex mundane tasks. Compared to the above methods, collaborating with an experienced IT staffing services provider is one of the best solutions. Here, you need not worry about preparing the job description, employer branding, reaching candidates, nurturing, and hiring them. 

The IT staffing solutions provider will take care of the end-to-end recruitment of time-consuming activities. Thus, allowing you to devote your time to mission-critical operations instead. 

Companies, including, established enterprises often outsource their staffing needs to meet the evolving tech talent requirements.

A well-established and industry-specific IT staffing company conducts extensive research, picks the right talent from the large pool, and takes the pressure off your plate. 

How to address mounting tech talent acquisition challenges?

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the talent acquisition landscape across various industries. With the hiring process slowed down across the globe, most SMEs are struggling to find and hire skilled resources for their evolving tech roles. 

Regardless of the downtimes, quality hires and filling open positions remain the top priority for companies to develop and deliver projects on time — reported in Alexander Mann solutions study.

According to this report, earlier in 2020, eight percent of companies relied on the outsourcing model to fill the tech positions. And the number doubled as the outbreak ensued. 

Whether contracted for a day for a gig or for six months, gone are the days of temporary IT staffing solutions to be a rare occurrence in our technology-driven economy. Flexible staffing is here to stay, emerging as on-demand IT staffing in all industries across the globe.

If you don’t have an internal HR team and are still looking for tech talent hiring, temporary IT staffing solutions would be your best choice. Compared to permanent placement, temporary IT staffing helps businesses engage with skilled resources quickly within their budget.  

 Especially in the USA, temporary workers are a growing part of American businesses and are considered a cost-effective solution to limit their hiring and infrastructure budgets. Precisely, the temporary and contract staffing model helps in filling cracks and gaps in your team.

A reputed temporary staffing agency will have a team of well-experienced hiring managers and HR managers to screen a candidate and validate his/her skills. Moreover, the staffing agency will take responsibility for salaries, employee benefits, quality, productivity, and deliverables.

Temporary IT staffing benefits for employers: New way to engage talent

Temporary staffing solutions make tech talent hiring easy and effective. Here are the top 4 benefits for employers with temp IT staffing services. 

  1. Enhance your screening process
  2. Flexibility
  3. No training and infrastructure costs
  4. Low turnaround time

1. Enhance your screening process:

In the tech talent hiring process, candidate screening is a time-consuming venture which requires a dedicated team of internal resources focusing on reaching and evaluating the candidate’s skills. With temporary IT staffing solutions, you will get access to resources that were already screened by the staffing company. 

This further helps employers to make decisions quickly before the talent disappears from the market. 

2. Flexibility:

With the evolution of technological changes, companies are looking for resources with specialized skills on a project or contract basis. With temporary or contract staffing, you can hire resources to fill the gaps and augment your internal team capabilities.

Unlike permanent IT staffing or direct hiring, the temporary IT staffing model is flexible and scalable. You can easily scale up or down your team to limit unnecessary spendings.

3. No training and infrastructure costs:

The permanent hiring involves finding talent, recruiting, and training them according to your project requirements. Whereas with the temporary IT staffing solutions, you can hire an experienced resource to avoid training costs.

When you use temporary staff for your project, you can save costs associated with infrastructure maintenance and employee development.

4. Low turnaround times:

The temporary IT staffing solutions are more often a plug and play model. Unlike the time-consuming hiring model, here, you can pick the resources required for your project and make them work directly on the project.

Considerably it reduces time to hire skilled resources and develop a project.

Average time to hire for tech roles?

  1. Time-to-hire rates for tech roles can reach 45 days for recruiters at large companies, according to survey results from HackerRank.

  2. Time to hire for development roles is 43 days for larger companies and 29 days for smaller ones. [source]

How Amzur’s temporary IT staffing solutions can help your business?

For many SMEs, focusing on mission-critical operations and implementing strategies is paramount. Due to the lack of hiring strategies, they struggle with tech talent hiring and accomplishing long-term goals. 

Being in the industry for the last 15 years, we’ve implemented numerous tech talent acquisition strategies for our clients to attract the right talent. Our bespoke solutions are cost-effective and scalable. We offer a wider range of IT staffing models that can allow you to switch at any point of time. 

Based in Tampa, Florida, with a workforce of 300 across two continents, Amzur offers technology and staffing services at a size and scale that provide optimal flexibility. In addition to IT staffing, its expertise spans NetSuite implementation, Internet of Things, product engineering, and more.

Be it a data science engineer, cloud architect, DevOps engineer, application developer, UI/UX designer, QA expert, or any other software engineer, Amzur will bring you the best resources within your budget. Our long-term hiring strategy helps your business overcome the hassles of the hiring process. 

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