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Keeping your business up to date with market trends and customer expectations is always challenging. However, legacy systems with manual intervention and supervision will certainly stagger your business growth & ROI further. Currently, most small and mid-size business owners are desperately looking for robust and scalable Cloud ERP solutions that can drive their business with ease. Oracle NetSuite is the most chosen cloud ERP solution that could help in your business to transform in the digital economy. In this article, we discuss the best ways to avoid NetSuite ERP software implementation failures for uninterrupted services.    

A right Oracle NetSuite ERP implementation will make you free from monotonous work and erroneous operations. We have helped many small-to-medium businesses with industry and business-specific cloud solutions over the past two decades. Here are the top 4 mistakes to avoid during NetSuite implementation.

Top Four Mistakes To Avoid During NetSuite ERP Software Implementation

Not a good NetSuite partner fit:

NetSuite ERP software implementation might be fascinating in terms of technology adoption and upscaling business operations. On the other hand, it involves risks associated with choosing the right NetSuite implementation partner. As a business owner or C-level executives, it’s your responsibility to identify the business requirements and pick an experienced NetSuite partner.

A one-size-fits-all approach would lead to process disruptions and implementation disasters. Thus, it’s imperative to know whether the NetSuite ERP vendor has industry and business-specific experience or not. Choose a NetSuite ERP implementation partner who served businesses of your size, scope, and industry to ensure they match your long term business goals.

Not having enough resources:

NetSuite ERP is incredibly advanced and not that easy to implement without prior knowledge. Having your internal team and making them implement NetSuite right from scratch would lead to negative results and end up with no business opportunities. To make NetSuite ERP software implementation successful, first, ensure your team is trained enough and ready to implement without process disruptions.

Conversely, you can opt for a third-party NetSuite ERP software solutions vendor who can support you during the ERP implementation and post-implementation as well. Make sure your internal team should involve in the cloud migration process instead of leaving everything to external vendors. Over-reliance on the consultants could cost you more than expected.

Planning to change everything at once: NetSuite ERP software implementation checks

It’s another factor to consider to avoid NetSuite implementation failures. Oracle NetSuite ERP software implementation won’t happen in a day or a week. Migrating your legacy system to cloud is a journey where you transform your workload and infrastructure on to the cloud for process efficiency.

Business processes tend to change eventually with market trends. Henceforth, migrating your system at once would lead to process disruptions on the go. To avoid this, take a gradual approach by understanding the functionalities of various divisions and schedule add-ons later.

Preparing for migration with bad data

Data grows with your business scale and demographics. Perhaps, not all the data is useful. Not all data requires migration. NetSuite is a comprehensive and integrated solution that understands and analyzes every speck of the data to ensure ERP implementation impeccable.  

Moreover, identifying the right data to be migrated is crucial during NetSuite ERP software implementation. A large amount of data will be mapped from legacy systems into the cloud systems during NetSuite implementation. Hence, using the wrong data fields would lead to process disruptions. And, it also impacts real-time decision making further. NetSuite helps in catalyzing and safeguarding data against common data challenges in the first place. 

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