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Are you looking to develop a mobile application to expand your digital presence and business growth?

What if you don’t have adequate technical resources in house and are struggling with tedious hiring strategies? 

Finding a custom app development outsourcing company would be the need of the hour. If you’re trying to collaborate with an app development company, this blog is for you. 

In this blog, we discussed the top 10 factors to consider when choosing an app development outsourcing company. Let’s drill down into the factors now. 

Mobile marketing is a revolutionary strategy in recent years. A mere 15 years ago, an average customer would have never considered availing of services with a simple tap. The evolution of smartphones and mobile applications have changed the digital landscape of businesses dramatically. 

But, not every company has access to an in-house development team due to various reasons. Therefore, the demand for a custom app development company that can build scalable and secure applications is also rising. 

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The significance of mobile applications is evident in the current technology and customer-driven market. Similarly, the feature-rich and user-friendly applications have helped businesses in establishing instant connections and making purchases easy. 

However, the success of an application certainly depends on the capabilities of a custom mobile app development team. Therefore, selecting a custom app development company is crucial in transforming your ideas into reality. 


We always consider end-user experience while developing a mobile application. Our mobile apps will draw your customer attention and convert the traffic into sales.

Sunil Kodi, Delivery Manager, Amzur Technologies 

As discussed in our earlier blog, many companies struggle to find and collaborate with the right app development outsourcing company, which further impacts overall efficiency and productivity. 

In this blog, we will be discussing some must-have features to choose an app development outsourcing company.

How to choose the right custom mobile app development company in 2021? Top 10 factors to consider

1. Define your app development objectives:

The first thing to consider before outsourcing app development is to understand your own business needs.

Define your app development needs in-line with business objectives, and then let your outsourcing partner know what you’re expecting from them.  

Here are some questions for you. 

  1. Are you planning to outsource your end-to-end app development?
  2. Do you have an internal team and lack a few specific skills?
  3. Are you planning to outsource a small chunk of your project? 
  4. What do you want to outsource? Either front-end or back-end. 
  5. Are you struggling with QA and looking for post-development support? 

Having answers to these questions allows you to understand your exact requirements and make your selection process easy. 

Furthermore, these parameters can help your app development outsourcing partner to get a clear picture of your business requirements. 

2. Do adequate research:

Once you’ve defined your requirements, the next step is to conduct thorough research to find the best partner.

As there are many new entrants in the market, it is quite challenging for companies to find the best custom app development company.  

There are numerous online platforms and forums to search for various app development outsourcing partners, and you can reach out to them for further discussion. 

At this stage, it is completely ok to get in touch with outsourcing companies to understand their experience and expertise. You can skim through their online reviews, portfolios, testimonials, and niche-specific app development projects. 

3. Avoid cheap development practices:

Undoubtedly cost is one of the crucial factors in selecting an application outsourcing partner. With the growing competition, most app development companies try to catch attention with low price quotes. 

The promise of a higher quality product together with a lower price will certainly catch our eyeballs. Regardless of this fact, many business owners eventually opt for a cheap app development service provider. 

The low-cost app development is a slippery slope, and it leads to the following challenges.

So, make sure you are aware of all these consequences before considering a custom app development company that quotes low prices.

4. Evaluation of technical resources:

The tech team is crucial in developing the best, futuristic, and bug-free applications. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate every resource in your vendor’s team. 

When you decide to collaborate with a custom app development company, it is extremely important to check how effectively you can communicate with them and their work culture. 

If your vendor’s team fails to communicate and lacks technical expertise, it will turn out to be a disaster and cost you more than you expected. 

Check out our blog to know how to optimize custom app development cost in 2021.

5. Check the vendor’s expertise and portfolio:

Every business has unique requirements and goals to achieve. Therefore, industry-specific knowledge is one of the factors to consider before outsourcing your app development. 

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the vendor’s forte, and they have enough success stories of your niche. 

It is always good to know the offshore software development company’s reputation, projects they’ve delivered in recent times, and testimonials of happy customers.  

6. Strategies and technology tools:

The world is evolving, and customers are looking for mobile apps that can simplify their operations with an intuitive experience. So, before outsourcing your app development, know about your vendor’s strategies, process, and technology tools they use.

Despite their industry-specific expertise, if the outsourcing partner still relies on legacy app development strategies, it won’t add any unique value to your business.

Furthermore, it will hurt your customer experience and can hamper your growth. 

7. Check for engagement models:

Along with technology resources, engagement models are crucial before choosing a mobile app development outsourcing company.

It is essential to check whether the custom app development company offers flexible engagement models that comply with your evolving needs. If the team is rigid and can not scale, you don’t get a chance to work with the best resources and struggle with unnecessary costs. 

Above all, make sure you get a dedicated development team that can focus on your project development. A dedicated tech development team is more like your internal team working on another part of the globe helping in building applications quickly and efficiently. Whereas, the top challenge with shared tems is, they work on multiple projects simultaneously, resulting in missed deadlines. 

For more understanding, check the various talent delivery models available in the market.

8. App development methodology:

As said earlier, companies must leverage modern app development strategies to win the race and to have a competitive advantage. For that matter, you need to have an agile app development methodology instead of a waterfall method. 

In waterfall methodology, the project development follows a sequential order, and so the development team moves to the next phase if the previous step is completed successfully. 

In agile project development methods, software development and testing are concurrent. You can move back and forth and refine the process without waiting for any previous phase outputs.

 Comparatively, the agile methodology is preferable to build modern apps. 

9. Customization and scalability:

A customized and scalable mobile application can help you win the marketplace and stay on top of your customer’s minds. Check whether the outsourcing partner provides customized applications to meet your needs. 

App customization and customer engagement will go hand-in-hand. Hence, before you decide to go with a custom app development company, make sure they have experience in developing custom and scalable applications. 

Remember, customers don’t use applications that fail to meet their evolving requirements.  

Why do users uninstall a mobile application?

  1. Too many bugs, confusing UI, too many features, and unmet expectations 
  2. Taking more time to load and understand its functionality
  3. Not enough products in the library and missing primary features
  4. Consuming more space 
  5. Privacy concerns
  6. Annoyed due to unnecessary notifications, irrelevant ads, and emails

10. Post-development support:

It is one of the crucial factors to consider before choosing an offshore app development partner. Mobile apps encounter numerous challenges and bugs on the go. 

Ask your custom app development company how they can support you post-development and maintain your application. If they are reluctant to offer post-sale or post-development services, it is not suggestible to proceed with them.

Amzur’s custom app development services:

Choosing an outsourcing partner is a long-term investment for any company.  

If you have plans to build or upgrade the existing mobile app, the custom app development company can help you with end-to-end services including, strategy, designing, development, and maintenance. 

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Here is our detailed analysis on how application outsourcing can help businesses scale faster and seamless.