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If you are a Start-up, or a Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME), time, is of paramount essence to you. Time to work on your big ideas, to promote your products/concepts/services amongst the target market, and time to simply ‘think’! Often, the fast pace and ever-changing nature of the market demands action, before contemplation. What you need, is a little digital assist.

NetSuite, formerly NetLedger, is a powerful online accounting and finance system that is tuned to form the dependable backbone of your sales and marketing efforts. Unlike traditional scenarios, NetSuite offers the precision, comprehensive approach and affordability, which makes it such a vital tool in a company’s arsenal. Now, businesses can concentrate on their big ideas, while confident that NetSuite is taking care of the vital nitty-gritty associated with sales and marketing.

Why NetSuite?

  • With ever-expanding internet connectivity and faster speeds, web-based applications like NetSuite offer the security of hosting key company information on secure servers rather than on a local machine. Plus, unlike developing an in-house application, it’s far more comprehensive and affordable.
  • The program’s toolset includes features to register sales leads and follow up on orders, create invoices, real-time credit card authorization, formulate customer databases to view purchase history and forecast on future purchases, alongside other nifty additions. NetSuite eliminates the need to depend on a host of applications by effectively performing a number of different tasks on its own.
  • NetSuite is a powerful streamlining tool- allowing teams to collaborate together, and stay updated on the latest information. As an online application, NetSuite is infinitely accessible, anywhere and at any time.
  • NetSuite eliminates the need for manual transfer of data. The inventory is automatically updated with the latest sales leads, including web-based orders that are properly cataloged and forwarded for servicing. Without human intervention, NetSuite calculates such variables as sales tax, picking and packing information, shipping costs, multiple shipping addresses, and assigns different pricing for wholesale, retail and online sales. This is an infinite quantum of time saved on a monotonous task.
  • Another of NetSuite’s strength is its compatibility with common MS Office tools. Information can be seamlessly and quickly synced with Word and Excel documents, thereby allowing a contingency plan for scenarios wherein say, an internet connection isn’t readily available. Acting as a superior customer relationship management (CRM) system comes naturally to NetSuite.
  • NetSuite is a complete accounting and finance system, with integrated features that help you manage details indirect or in-direct relation to your sales and marketing efforts. Features like time tracking allow for the inventory of all billable and non-billable time, payroll system to calculate salaries and in-depth inventory features that make product management a breeze- with options to define pricing, captions, and post a suitable product image.

In conclusion – This first part of our three-part blog series, tells you the salient features of NetSuite and how it can positively impact your ROI. In forthcoming posts, we will discuss how our cloud practice featuring NetSuite is just what the doctor ordered for your business.

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